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Former Colombian presidential candidates launch party for local elections

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Former Colombian presidential candidates launch party for local elections

The former Colombian presidential candidates Jorge Robledo and Sergio Fajardo announced this Wednesday in Bogotá the creation of a new center-left political party ahead of the local and regional elections, which will be held on October 29.

“We are a new political party and we will do politics and that means participating in the elections. We are going to be in all the places in Colombia where we have identified people (…) and at the same time we are calling on people who cannot find any political location, to participate and dare to do politics,” said Fajardo, former mayor of Medellín, in a press conference.

The union of Robledo, leader of the Dignity party, and Fajardo, head of the Compromiso Ciudadano movement, comes after months of talks in which the politicians found programmatic coincidences.

Fajardo and Robledo, who were taking part in the presidential elections of the Centro Esperanza Coalition, pointed out that they have not yet confirmed any candidacy, since they are still focused on the unification and consolidation of the new party, which still has no name.

Robledo, who was a senator between 2002 and 2022, expressed that they are “convinced that it is not true that in Colombia there are two political positions (in reference to Petrism and Uribism) which is what they have wanted to sell us” but that there is “a third point of view that we represent very well.

House representative Jennifer Pedraza, from the Dignity party, said that this union mixes “experience with youth, indignation with hope, protest with proposal.”

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The union of both will be ratified on February 18 after carrying out all the processes in the “Unity Congress”, in which the name of the new party, the statutes, the program and the new directives will be defined.


Pedraza explained to EFE that he differs from the Historical Pact, the leftist coalition of President Gustavo Petro, in that his way of governing is different since they would choose new people and not “the same as always, with the same traditional parties from which Colombia is already tired.

Fajardo, meanwhile, responded that they believe that for the country to look different “it is essential to make changes in the way of doing politics.” EFE

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