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Former director of Uaesp will be charged by the Prosecutor’s Office

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Former director of Uaesp will be charged by the Prosecutor’s Office

A prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate against Human Rights Violations filed a request for an indictment hearing against the former director of the Special Administrative Unit of Public Services of Bogotá (Uaesp), Luz Amanda Camacho Sánchez, as possible responsible for the crimes of invasion of an area of ​​special ecological importance and damage to natural resources.

In 2018, the former official had a property called Buenos Aires, located in the town of Ciudad Bolívar, in the south of Bogotá, for the management of solid waste and liquid treatment, with alternative uses. With this decision, he sought to counteract a contingency that occurred in the Doña Juana landfill.

“The test material collected by the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office shows that the land used is part of the roundabout and the Environmental Management and Preservation Zone (ZMPA) of the Tunjuelito river, an area of ​​special ecological protection that would have been used during a little more than three years”, indicated the investigative entity.

AAdditionally, it was verified that the Buenos Aires property was used for a little over three years, for which reason it generated sanctioning processes, in the first instance mediated by the District Environment Secretariat (SDA) and other environmental authorities.

The imputation hearing will be held during February, before the criminal court for the control of guarantees provided by the Judiciary through distribution.

The Ombudsman

For its part, the Bogotá Ombudsman issued an order to open a disciplinary investigation against the former director of the Uaesp for his alleged omission and breach in the execution of the concession contract No. 415 of 2021, corresponding to the provision of the city’s funeral service.

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This investigation is added to the suspension for a term of three months without the right to remuneration of Ingrid Lisbeth Ramírez Moreno, deputy director of funeral services and public lighting, while a disciplinary investigation is carried out in the framework of the denunciation of possible acts of corruption within the entity.

The district control body, through the Delegate Person for Disciplinary Power II, investigates alleged irregularities in the administration and operation of the four district cemeteries awarded in concession through the aforementioned contract.

Among the facts subject to investigation is the non-qualification of four vigil rooms and the thanatopraxia laboratory of the Parque Serafín cemetery. Likewise, the maintenance of crematorium ovens of the north cemetery, required for the provision of the final destination service (cremation, burial and exhumation).


The most recent problem occurred in recent days, when the Ministry of the Environment imposed three preventive measures to suspend activities on three crematoriums, two in the Northern Cemetery and one in the Southern Cemetery, for failing to comply with the regulations. environment in terms of atmospheric emissions.

“The Ministry of Environment has imposed a preventive measure of suspension of activities to three of the six crematoriums that exist in the public cemeteries of Bogotá. After complying with the rigorous measurements and tests required by the national standard, the decision has been made to suspend the activities in a furnace in the South Cemetery, and in two furnaces in the North Cemetery, which exceeded the permissible limits of atmospheric emissions.” , indicated the secretary of the Environment, Carolina Urrutia.

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Given the suspension measure, the Special Administrative Unit of Public Services (Uaesp) indicated that it is the obligation of the Jardines de Luz y Paz SAS Concessionaire to maintain and optimally operate the six public crematoriums, located in the North, South and Park District Cemeteries. Seraph. This is established in the concession contract 415-2021.

However, the concessionaire asserts that the ovens sealed by the Ministry of the Environment have not been in service since November 2022 due to maintenance work.

The Bogotá Ombudsman was emphatic in reaffirming that the provision of services in district cemeteries is a public service that in no way exempts the competent authorities, in this case the Uaespof its permanent obligation of regulation, control and surveillance.

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