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Former Mayor Ángel Pérez arrives at court to be sentenced – El Vocero de Puerto Rico

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Former mayor Ángel Pérez of Guaynabo arrived at federal court today to be sentenced for his involvement in a bribery scheme. The defense team for Pérez has requested a sentence of no more than 23 months of probation for their client.

Pérez has argued that the bribery scheme did not cause any harm to the municipality of Guaynabo and therefore, he is requesting a lenient sentence. The former mayor has also asked for the sentencing process to be put on hold, but a federal judge has denied this request.

The sentencing comes after Pérez was found guilty of participating in a bribery scheme while he was in office. Despite the plea from his defense team, it seems that Pérez will not be able to escape a potential prison sentence.

The case has garnered attention across Puerto Rico, as Pérez was a well-known and influential figure in the region. It is expected that the sentencing will set a precedent for how corruption cases are handled in the territory.

As Pérez awaits his fate, the people of Guaynabo and the rest of Puerto Rico are left wondering what the future holds for their former mayor. The sentencing is expected to have a significant impact on the political landscape of the region, and many will be closely following the developments in this high-profile case.

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