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Former Minister Carolina Corcho went against Claudia López

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Former Minister Carolina Corcho went against Claudia López

The presidential candidacy fight that took place on social networks did not leave out what has been sounded like a premature candidate for the Historical Pact, Carolina Corcho. The former minister attacked former mayor Claudia López and compared her to her predecessor in the Liévano palace in Bogotá.

López Hernández became a trend on social networks due to an exchange of messages he had with the director of Semana, Vicky Dávila. In the midst of the fight, predictions regarding an eventual presidential candidacy of the former mayor resurfaced.

The former president of the capital did not deny that you have plans for a new electoral aspiration for 2026, nor that she is the supposed candidate of President Gustavo Petro, with whom she has several differences that the followers of that political sector did take care to highlight.

One of them was Carolina Corcho, who has been proposed to succeed the president even by one of his most faithful bishops, former senator Gustavo Bolívar. The former Minister of Health came out against López after it was said on social media that he would contest that position.

“Claudia López had the opportunity to govern Bogotá from an alternative and transformative perspective (which was what she promised during the campaign), but with very few exceptions, she ended up being the continuator of the Peñalosa urban project, a city project that was exclusive to the majority. citizens, a project of environmental depredation, of the Transmilenio businesses and others,” Corcho wrote.

The publication had several comments from users and followers who proclaimed her as a presidential candidate for the alternative and progressive sectors that Petro represents. Others, however, questioned the role she played within the national government, which during her administration did not achieve approval of any debate on health reform.

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However, Corcho was not the only one who came out to stop López’s possible candidacy in the 2026 presidential elections. Former Bogotá councilor Carlos Carrillo, who sought to run for Mayor through the Historical Pact, also attacked him.

“Vicky Dávila stopped being a journalist a long time ago to dedicate herself to political activism, but she has always maintained the same ideological position. Hard right! Claudia López, on the other hand, changes more than the weather in Bogotá, she has been everything and in the same week. Let López not come now to pose as an anti-uribist progressive, she does not represent the ideas of the left at all,” wrote the former lobbyist.

Just as the sectors of the left and followers of President Petro did; Voices against López Hernández also emerged from the right. Several members of the Democratic Center allegedly stressed to him that they had supported the Historic Pact campaign in 2022, although he could not officially participate in politics due to the position he held.

“Claudia López peeled the copper. She responds to criticism of her government with criticism and arrogance. It is impossible for her to have a debate on issues because she is sectarian and violent. Claudia was upset that they showed her opportunism and her mismanagement and she decided to attack with hatred and lies,” wrote Senator Miguel Uribe.

Representative Andrés Forero, who was a Bogotá councilor for more than two years during the López administration, also criticized her for her publications over the weekend. According to him, her messages were confirmation of the start of the campaign.

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“Claudia López couldn’t stand it and from Boston she began an early campaign in the worst way. Without a country project, without concrete proposals, she tries to create a political antagonist based on hallway rumors. “Bogotá still has not forgotten its bad administration,” wrote the representative of the Democratic Center. With Infobae

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