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Former Prime Minister Ciriaco De Mita died at 94

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Former Prime Minister Ciriaco De Mita died at 94

The former prime minister and secretary of the DC, Ciriaco De Mita, he died this morning at 7. This was announced by the deputy mayor of Nusco, Walter Vigilante. De Mita was 94 years old and had undergone surgery last February for a fractured femur following a fall at home. According to what has been learned, De Mita died in the Villa dei Pini nursing home in Avellino, where he was hospitalized since April 5 following an ischemic attack that had initially forced him to be admitted to the Moscati hospital.

De Mita was following a rehabilitation process after the fracture of the femur in the fall last February. At first his conditions did not seem worrying, but later his daughter Antonia wrote on social media “My father is serious”, revealing that she had not been able to meet him.

The biography: he refused to become head of state

“In 1985, when it came to choosing Sandro Pertini’s successor, Alessandro Natta made me understand that the Communists could support my candidacy for the Quirinale.” But «you need a style that I, let’s face it, didn’t have. I like analysis, thought, I like to chat. A President of the Republic cannot chat ».

Ciriaco De Mita told it to the Corriere della Sera on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday, inevitably evoking those arguments, ‘ragionamendi’ to put it with Irpinia cadence, praised by some, criticized by others, and which led the lawyer to Agnelli to define him in a pungent way “an intellectual of Magna Graecia”. The intellectual expression “was used in regard to Moro and comparing a politician to Moro, inside and outside the Christian Democrats, is a compliment”, was the reply of the then secretary of the DC, who did not hesitate to define Agnelli “a merchant modern, with few ideas and many particular interests “.

Words that reveal how much De Mita was indeed a man of thought, but also of determination and action. Just look at the cursus honorum of the son of the tailor of Nusco, born in the Irpinia town on February 2, 1928, where he already enrolled in the DC in 1943. National councilor of the party in 1956, in 1963 deputy for the first time (always re-elected until the 2006-2008 legislature, with the exception of the two-year period 1994-96), in 1969 he became deputy secretary of the DC, when he signed the Pact of San Ginesio, from the locality of the Marche where a conference is held, which brings the other ‘twin’ of San Ginesio to the secretariat of the Scudocrociato, in the name of renewal by the forty-year-old generation.

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