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Former professionals continue to join the Su Cupo.com Cup

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Former professionals continue to join the Su Cupo.com Cup

Julian Andres Santa

The ball rolls for the fifth version of the Su Cupo.com Cup, a traditional soccer contest in the region that stands out for having more and more former professional players and that will have its second day on Saturday. Marco Antonio Rueda, director and organizer of this tournament, also highlighted the new teams registered for this edition.

Three-team novelty

THaving already 20 official teams in the cup participation is an important indicator of the level that version after version is being acquired. We have three new ones that come to swell this wonderful family that is Palogrande Británica de Plomeros, Barbería Zona U and Audifarma that started on the right foot on the first date in a great game against the runner-up of the last version, Multisalud by a score of 4-3 ” .

Couples on the first date

“Of the six games scheduled last date, six could be played and one was suspended for the winter but the results show us that the tournament is going to be very tight, the differences were one goal, two games were 4-3 , one 3-3 and two games were 2-1, which says that the tournament is going to be very tight for everyone”.

Three referents join the cup

“Former important players continue to arrive at the cup, in this case Edwin García, Copa Libertadores champion with Once Caldas, who is going to play with Yeimons Jeans and who also continues to grow professionally, I understand that he is studying law at the University of the Area Andean. Carlos Rodas also returns, who was not in the last version, and Harnol Palacios appears after an injury. The three will share a team.

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tomorrow date 2

“A very interesting date is coming up with 10 games, we hope to be able to meet it, winter is not affecting it a bit but we are going back to Sol del Olimpo, the venue for the cup that has also improved its setting thanks to the great maintenance that they have been doing, just like Palo Grande, the Morelia stadium and the Socrates Valencia stadium, which will be the four venues in the development of the tournament”.

Programming of the second date

Saturday June 3. Sun of Olympus Court

2:00pm Audifarma vs Yeimons Jeans

4:00 p.m. Carllantas y Servicios vs. Marama Cocinas Eterna

6:00pm Firefighter and Friends vs Zona U Barbershop

8:00pm Ferreherramientas vs Empumar MACG

Palo Grande Court

2:00pm The Mosco Combo vs. Big Stick

4:00 pm The Great Family vs Multisalud Caldas

6:00 p.m. Renault Motrio vs. Pumas Furniture LA

Morelia court

4:00 p.m. Ferrepinturas vs Arepas Da Gusto

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