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Former rossoblù coach Galbiati reached salvation in Serie A: “Now I support Biella, he can do like my Cremona”

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“I lost the bet”: Paolo Galbiati jokes, the joy of the masterpiece achieved in Cremona in Serie A is still in his veins. His team started with the lowest budget of all the contenders and was a candidate to be relegated, just like Edilnol who he had begun building in the summer before the call and return upstairs. Instead she saved herself two days early and is still in the running for the playoffs.

More victory than that, coach: in what sense did you lose?

“It was between me and the team. In the days before the game with Fortitudo, during a training session I got angry, I kicked the balls, I said we were done for. David Cournooh replied that we would be saved. I bet with him ».

But also against her: what’s at stake?
“Three days off in a row. It was a tough year for everyone. In recent weeks, still decimated by the coronavirus, we have been training with 2004 and 2005 ».

Then beat the Fortitudo.
«Cournooh relaunches: we close it on Sunday in Brindisi and then you give us three days off. I replied: ok, but only if salvation is mathematical ».

And so it was.
“And David was in the gym on Tuesday doing shooting sessions.”

He had a group of special players.
“It’s true: they never stopped working to improve themselves. Italians like Mian or Cournooh himself have played a very important role as they were not used to having. Poet was the protagonist. The Americans, from beginners to the most experienced, followed us: at first they were amazed by the great attention to the tactics of Italian basketball. Then we won a few games thanks to the precautions I asked them. And they are convinced ».

Not bad for a team that didn’t have to sign up …
«I’m sorry not to have celebrated salvation at home, in front of those few spectators who are the managers, the partners, the members of the consortium. They believed it and put the money into it. Thanks to them, Cremona is now a club that makes plans ».

Could this also be advice for “your” Biella?
“Certainly: as in Treviso or here, it would give solidity to an important square that deserves the best”.

The best, today, is called salvation: how do you see it?
“I’m confident. I watched the games as often as I could. And I often talk with Iacopo Squarcina. The team has changed from what we had thought of in the summer, but it has grown a lot ».

Words from a technician. And as a fan?
“It’s the same. I cheer for “Squarcio”, for Damiano Olla, for Roby Marocco, for Poppy Bruzzi, for my “children” left over from last year. And for the passion of the people of Biella ».

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