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Forum Space&Blue, interconnessioni Made in Italy

Urso speaks at the conference dedicated to the economy of space and the sea

“The future of the Italian production system depends on the ability to overcome the new challenges linked to the technological and green transformation that Italy is called to face. We find ourselves – commented the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Ursusin a new era of expansion of the geographical limits of human experience, where the colonization of the sea and space constitute a great economic opportunity. As Mimit we are working on three related to the budget law, one of which is dedicated to the Blue Economy, one to the Space Economy and one on new enabling technologies. We look with great attention to shipbuilding, marine robotics, blue biotechnologies, marine renewable energies and the development of sustainable technologies for the exploitation of marine abiotic resources, because they will have a first-rate role for the industry.” “Also on Space Economy – concluded Urso – we must invest a lot, because it represents one of the most effective growth engines for our country, having a cross-sectoral nature capable of bringing innovation across the board and moving technological frontiers to the benefit of the world of research and business“.

“In early December – Nello said MusumeciMinister for Civil Protection and Maritime Policies – I will bring together the Interministerial Committee for Maritime Policies to define a draft strategic plan. Our country can become a leader. I am convinced that both space and the sea must promote interconnections because one is useful to the other and vice versa. It is a very large new economic space in which Italian industry can truly find space and establish itself as a leader. It is also useful in terms of military security because we must, in this moment of great geopolitical tensions, look at the sea and space not only as an opportunity, as a resource for growth but also to define a serious defense strategy”.

Urso and Musumeci spoke at the conference “SPACE & BLUE. Space and Sea Economy: Made in Italy interconnections” which took place this morning in Rome at the headquarters of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy.

Reflections and analyzes have taken place on the two strategic areas of space and sea starting from the assumption that it is essential to immediately start joint actions in terms of industrial application and services to make the most varied interconnections operational. In particular, the topic of how to gain market shares in the Euro-Mediterranean and international area was addressed. The objective, which emerged from various interventions, remains to focus on the main avenues of interactive dialogue between these two assets to initiate joint actions in terms of institutional action, research and industrial application to allow Italy to express its leadership in Europe and the Mediterranean.

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Today, it is right to remember, theSpace Economy – according to data from Euroconsult’s Space Economy Report – globally it stands at 464 billion dollars (2022). The global space market is estimated to reach over $737 billion within a decade. Italy has a basic structure of around 300 companies with an annual turnover exceeding 4 billion euros.

L’Sea Economyaccording to the data of the overall added value reaching 142.7 billion euros (equal to 8.9% of the added value produced by the entire national economy), with over 913,000 employees in 228,190 companies.

There are two of them strategic sectors for the Italian economy and which already today express excellence capable of establishing itself in global markets.

From the work it emerged forcefully that the sum of the know-how, knowledge and capabilities acquired over time by Italy in Space and the Sea is more than algebraic, it is a multiplier of opportunity.

Just as it should be highlighted that the history of the development of the aerospace sector in Italy is a model that today appears interesting to replicate also in the Maritime Economy. Just as the profound and authoritative Italian maritime culture represents an excellence to be inspired by. L’interconnection between the two sectors, is an already evident dynamic and offers a glimpse of even greater development potential for our economy. Italy could conquer important market spaces globally.

The speakers identified some fundamental objectives to be achieved as soon as possible:

Structure a constant dialogue between the main players in Space and the Sea; Start a common path by stimulating public and private actors; Create a first strategic plan; Space&Blue all Made in Italy: encouraging the meeting between research projects and industrial projects.

The conference identified and explored the existing and potential interconnections between the Space and Sea Economy, encouraging the comparison between the most important institutional, military, associative and industrial entities operating in the two areas. If we start from the obvious parallels already in existence and from the mutual experiences that over time have led Italy to play an important role in the two sectors, joint projects and actions can be initiated, both in terms of research and industrial application, in order to acquire greater shares on Euro-Mediterranean market and international.

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It is therefore essential to identify common lines of development to facilitate the interaction of both domains, to build on what has already been done in Space and the Sea.

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