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Forwarding the notice of the Provincial Anti-drug Office “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Anti-drug Publicity and Education During the Spring Festival”

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Forwarding the notice of the Provincial Anti-drug Office “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Anti-drug Publicity and Education During the Spring Festival”

Forwarding the notice of the Provincial Anti-drug Office “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Anti-drug Publicity and Education During the Spring Festival”

Narcotics Control Offices of all districts and cities:

The Provincial Anti-drug Office “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Anti-drug Propaganda and Education During the Spring Festival” is now forwarded to you, and all districts and cities are requested to carry out anti-drug propaganda in accordance with the requirements of the notice. Please report the anti-drug publicity status to the Municipal Anti-drug Office before every Monday.


City Narcotics Control Office

January 22, 2021

Notice on Doing a Good Job in Anti-drug Publicity and Education During the Spring Festival

Offices of the Anti-drug Committee of each city, Shengli Oilfield, Qilu Petrochemical Group, Laiwu Iron and Steel Group, Jinan Airport Group Anti-drug Committee Office:

The Chinese New Year, the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, is approaching. According to the National Narcotics Control Office’s “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Drug Control Publicity and Education During the Spring Festival” (issued by the Office of Narcotics Control)[2021]No. 7) The relevant requirements, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Give full play to the role of the member units of the Narcotics Control Commission and carry out extensive anti-drug propaganda. Anti-drug departments at all levels should mobilize the member units of anti-drug committees, and take the initiative to integrate anti-drug propaganda content into relevant propaganda activities in conjunction with the activities of each system and unit to welcome the New Year and send warmth, visits to the grassroots, and vigorously carry out activities that are in line with the actual work of the local area and are close to each other. Anti-drug propaganda and education activities suitable for the people at the grassroots level in a festive atmosphere during the Spring Festival. First, we must strive for the support of publicity, culture, sports and other departments to integrate anti-drug propaganda and education elements into cultural and sports activities such as “send culture to the countryside” and “send joy to the grassroots”, and further promote the “six entry” work of anti-drug propaganda and education so that the masses can enjoy Master the anti-drug knowledge while having fun in the holiday season. The second is to coordinate party schools (administrative colleges) at all levels, take advantage of the spring semesters and classes, to incorporate anti-drug work into the training content and teaching plan of party members and cadres, guide party members and cadres to understand drug hazards, learn anti-drug knowledge, and support anti-drug work. The third is to work with human resources and social security departments to use public employment service agencies or labor security work platforms to incorporate anti-drug knowledge into the publicity and training of migrant workers, and carry out anti-drug consultation and publicity activities. The fourth is to coordinate immigration management and education departments, for entry and exit personnel, foreign students and foreign employees in Shandong, carry out targeted publicity in conjunction with the adjustment of international control of cannabis substances, issue safety reminders and Risk warning, strictly prevent the abuse and spread of cannabis-like substances in our province.

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2. To fully integrate the prevention and control of the epidemic, carry out anti-drug propaganda for key populations. While fully cooperating with local epidemic prevention and control work, anti-drug propaganda and education should be integrated into epidemic prevention propaganda. The first is to widely print and post anti-drug propaganda posters by anti-epidemic experts such as Zhong Nanshan, and use various electronic screens to broadcast anti-drug slogans and anti-drug public welfare videos. The electronic version of the “Prohibition, Prohibition, Prohibition, Prohibition of Trafficking, Prohibition of Ingestion” wall charts and public service advertisement videos have been placed in the corps “public service advertisements” folder, which can be downloaded by themselves. The second is to mobilize and coordinate street, township, community, village and other grassroots organizations and social forces such as anti-drug social workers, security officers, grid workers, and building guards, to target residents, especially out-of-school, unemployed, and out-of-control youths in urban and rural areas, and highlight abuse The hazards of narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, and new psychoactive substances guide the public to use drugs safely and rationally, and consciously practice the concept of “healthy life, green and non-toxic”. The third is to make full use of the national youth drug prevention education digital platform and local online education platform to provide youth and students with drug prevention education short videos, micro-courses and other holiday anti-drug online courses, enrich the holiday spiritual and cultural life of youth and students, and stay away from drug abuse .

3. Fully perform duties in accordance with laws and regulations and implement legal anti-drug propaganda. Public security anti-drug departments at all levels, in conjunction with market supervision, culture, and transportation departments, conduct a dragnet inspection of the anti-drug propaganda situation in various entertainment service places, transportation hubs and other public areas within their jurisdiction, and implement legal anti-drug propaganda duties. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Shandong Province Anti-drug Regulations”, set up publicity content in prominent locations in densely populated places such as hotels, entertainment venues, transportation hubs, railway stations, long-distance bus stations, airports and waiting (airport) rooms, and incorporate anti-drug publicity and education into airplanes and trains. , Long-distance buses, ships and other aircraft (vehicle) propaganda platforms, supervise the local railway, transportation, civil aviation and other departments to do relevant anti-drug propaganda work, and broadcast anti-drug public service advertisements and drug hazard warning education videos for mobile populations to implement legal anti-drugs Propaganda duties.

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4. Fully integrate and use media to carry out Internet anti-drug propaganda. It is necessary to combine the actual situation of local drug control work and organize the media to fully reflect the innovative measures, highlights, vivid practices and remarkable results of drug control work. Promptly announce the major local drug control cases detected in accordance with procedures, especially those involving cannabis and new psychoactive substances, and give full play to the positive role of case reports in deterring drug crimes, popularizing drug control knowledge, and promoting drug control work. It is necessary to fully mobilize the central and local mainstream media at all levels to launch key special reports around the work of the anti-drug center, publish anti-drug news, film and produce special programs, comprehensively publicize anti-drug police’s fiery practice of sticking to their posts and safeguarding safety, and present a good image of anti-drug teams. . Highlight the use of new media positions, and make full use of the “China Anti-drug” and “Sunshine Life” WeChat official accounts, @中国防毒在线, Qilu Anti-drug Weibo, China Anti-Drug Network, local new media accounts, etc. through illustrations, animations, and short videos. The anti-drug new media matrix intensively pushes anti-drug key news and excellent new media works, actively participates in the #我在职上# and other topic interactions carried out by the national public security new media, and promotes the formation of an Internet anti-drug boom. It is necessary to strictly implement the requirements of the “three synchronizations”, closely grasp the trends of online drug-related public opinion, actively respond to social concerns, do a good job in guiding and responding to drug-related public opinions, and guide the sound development of anti-drug public opinion.

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During the Spring Festival Transport anti-drug publicity period, the Provincial Narcotics Control Office will publish a special bulletin every Wednesday from now on. All localities are requested to report the anti-drug publicity situation to the Provincial Narcotics Control Office before every Tuesday. The Provincial Narcotics Control Office will publish the special bulletin and Douyin and Weibo according to the best. And other new media platforms.

Office of the National Narcotics Control Commission

January 19, 2021

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