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Status: 08.05.2023 10:00 a.m

The challenges of the future can only be mastered with courage: This is the conclusion of the study “German courage instead of German fear” by the Hamburg Foundation for Future Studies.

Questioning familiar thought patterns, maybe making mistakes, changing and breaking new ground: 74 percent of those surveyed for the study believe that more courage is needed. Others say: Don’t take any unnecessary risks, don’t become reckless, stick with what you’re used to. There is no difference between the sexes.

Younger respondents demand more courage when faced with challenges

There are also hardly any differences in terms of income, education or place of residence. Only when it comes to age: In the younger generation, four out of five respondents call for more courage. “Understandable,” says Ulrich Reinhardt, author of the study. Younger people are more affected by changes such as digitization and climate change. “It takes courage not to passively endure this,” says Reinhardt. The vast majority associate this with a willingness to take responsibility, self-confidence, the willingness to overcome resistance and to stand up for values.

Politicians should be role models

Younger and older of the 3,000 representative respondents would like different role models: Younger people tend to want friends, family and celebrities, older people tend to want politicians. Yes, they should have a role model function – that is the opinion of more than half of all respondents. But do they actually have it? Only one in ten says yes.

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