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Four students become unwell after using illegal vapes, one student taken to hospital (Heist-op-den-Berg)

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Heist-op-den-Berg –

Two students from the Sint-Lambertus Institute in Heist-op-den-Berg and two students from GO! Atheneum Heist became unwell on Thursday after using illegal vapes. A student from the Atheneum has been admitted to hospital with complaints.

After reporting that the students had become unwell, it turned out that vaping was the cause. “Presumably there was a substance in it that did not belong there,” responds Heist mayor Jan Moons (N-VA). “The public prosecutor’s office is investigating the further cause and origin of the vapes. In the interest of that, we cannot say much about it for the time being.”

(read more below the TikTok video)

The mayor assumes that the vapes were not purchased through the normal circuit. “Further investigation will reveal whether more students have become ill,” he says. “Due to the media attention that the incident is now receiving, several more young people may come forward. That remains to be seen. I do not know the age of the students involved.”

Vapes may not be sold to young people under the age of 18. It remains to be seen whether the affected students therefore looked for smoking materials via a different circuit. “In any case, I advise everyone against vaping,” says Moons. “If you still want to do it, always buy vapes through the normal market.”

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