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Franco, freedom and democracy incompatible with authoritarianism

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Franco, freedom and democracy incompatible with authoritarianism

Independence rests on cohesion, defense, economy

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 02 JUN – “Freedom, peace and democracy which are the synthesis and expression of our Republic, are not compatible with authoritarian or autocratic regimes”. This was stated by the Minister of Economy and Finance Daniele Franco, in his speech at the Military Memorial of Redipuglia on the occasion of the celebration of the 76th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Italian Republic.

“For our Republic, peace is a fundamental element” and it is necessary “to avoid the repetition of wars in the European territory”, he added. “As the experience of recent months reminds us, the independence and well-being of a country are based on internal cohesion but also on the ability to defend itself and on economic choices that do not create subordination”. Innovation and well-being, however, “also merge on forms of cooperation and alliance with countries that share our values. This is the path that the Republic has taken within the European Union and NATO”. For Franco, “the Shrine also reminds us of one of the principles on which the European Union was born, which we helped to found: to avoid the repetition of wars between European countries. This is not a foregone conclusion after two world wars fought in close proximity”. But “now a war with the enemies of the last century is unthinkable”. Among others, the parliamentarians Debora Serracchiani, Tatjana Rojc, Walter Rizzetto were present at the ceremony.

Finally, the minister recalled “in particular the fallen of the police, the victims of terrorism, the soldiers who lost their lives in missions abroad”.

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The ceremony began with the Prayer of the Fatherland and with the reading by Paola Del Din, partisan and gold medal for military valor, of the motivation for the gold medal for military valor to the unknown soldier.

Previously, representatives of the armed forces, Carabinieri, Police and Guardia di Finanza, and fighting and weapon associations had deployed on the memorial near the Sacello, with motifs such as Silence sung by the fanfare of the Julia Brigade. (HANDLE).

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