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Friday farewell to Faustino Poletto, father of the new Rivarolo

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He was 93 years old. Christian Democrat of the social left, joining the Council in 1964. He contributed to the development and transformation of the city. He was president of Rotary


“His life is a beautiful memory, his absence a silent pain. But there is something stronger than death and it is the presence of the absent in the memory of the living ». This is the phrase chosen by the family to give the news of the death of Faustino Poletto, 93 years old. This morning, Friday 8 October, at 10.30, in the church of San Giacomo, Rivarolo will bid farewell to one of the “great old men” of the city, when old is not attributable to age, however advanced, nor to the condition of the person , physical decay is an unstoppable process, but to the depth of some people, people who have traced furrows, left footprints.

Died Tuesday, in his home

Poletto passed away in the late afternoon of Tuesday, in his home, where he was lovingly assisted until the end. Even in May, June, although he was tried, every morning he had the two newspapers that he was not used to leaf through, but read, and in the evening he never missed an opportunity to follow in-depth programs on TV, he, a man of culture, passionate of contemporary history, a home library on fascism, the Resistance, the two world wars.

Politics continued to interest him, albeit from a hyper-critical position. After all, those who have lived as a protagonist a season that is in some ways unrepeatable (he was a Christian Democrat, of the social left of the DC, Forze Nuove, who had in Carlo Donat Cattin not only the founder, but a beacon), hardly resign themselves to mediocrity of certain scenarios. With his colleague friend Domenico Rostagno, great mayor, who died just in October a year ago, he entered the city council, in Palazzo Lomellini, in 1964. First citizen, then, was Giuseppe Gianetto, only two legislative sessions, closed with Erminio Visconti at the helm of Rivarolo, a Department of Urban Planning and Public Works, and an “enlightened” vision of the future of the city that began to materialize precisely in the drafting of an important regulatory plan. The foundations for Rivarolo’s transformation were laid, and within a few years the city would be destined for unstoppable growth.

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A career in the telephone company

Industrial expert, a career that began in Stipel, continued in Sip, reaching managerial roles in Ivrea and Turin, Faustino Poletto, who was also president of the Rotary club Cuorgnè, investing heavily in young people (his organization of activities for children in the Park del Gran Paradiso) and for a long time administrator of the retirement home under the presidency of Don Luigi Mabrito, he was also an excellent pen (with the pseudonym Carneade, he signed witty writings for Il Risveglio Popolare). He leaves his children Riccardo, former mayor of Rivarolo, Mario and Silvia with their respective families. After the religious service, the body will continue to the crematory temple of Mappano.

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