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Friendship above the constitution and law?

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Friendship above the constitution and law?

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif while addressing the joint session of Parliament said that unfair system will not work in the country. Politicians go to jails, how many top judges have been fired for corruption, and turn a blind eye to politicians and go to jail. This unfair and unjust system will not last. He said that the parliament has to immediately take notice of the issues going on in the country. “The parliamentarians have to decide whether we will be driven like cows or buffaloes or implement the constitution,” he said. If you consult the cabinet in every decision, then all the other institutions should also take a decision with the advice of their cabinet. He said that recently audio leaks have come out in which the judges of the Supreme Court were talked about. I request the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to conduct a forensic examination of the audio. If it is false, then the culprits should be punished. Now justice will be seen, then all the clouds of danger will end. He said that the decision of two judges of the Supreme Court came yesterday, “The voices raised from within the judiciary are a new ray of hope.” If we do not legislate after yesterday’s decision, history will not forgive us. That these days within the country, the steps taken by the Election Commission regarding the elections of the two provincial assemblies, especially the changes in the dates of the elections in the two provinces, which are political and constitutional matters are under discussion. “If they are likened to a constitutional and legal crisis in a sense, then perhaps something is not so wrong” because the kind of remarks that are being made by some distinguished judges during the hearing of this self-notice case in the Supreme Court, although they There is no final opinion, but it definitely indicates the division between constitutional and legal experts in the country, and in this context, the Prime Minister made suggestions in his address to the House for the supremacy of the constitution and law in the country. have done ‘and have demanded such a legislation in the House which can end the current alleged ambiguity’ He has tipped the scales of justice to one side in regard to what he has already said within the concerned circles within the country. Mischief is not a new thing. There is no room for disagreement with the Prime Minister that there have been cases against politicians, but the situation is similar even today. Although the allegations of corruption against the judges of the judiciary are not new, but the need to investigate them has never been felt. As some institutions or individuals within the country are allegedly given the status of sacred cows, the prime minister’s demand for forensic analysis of these audio tapes by the judiciary also seems to raise several questions. That the government itself should conduct a forensic test of these audios and bring the real facts to light so that the truth and lies can come to light. No one should interfere in political matters’ Pakistan Bar Council has expressed concern over the division among the judges of the Supreme Court while demanding the formation of a full court bench on the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa election issue and has said that the case is to save the country from anarchy. The hearing should be done by the full court. The Bar Council has issued a declaration saying that political parties should refrain from playing the role of judges in order to maintain the dignity of the judiciary. It should not be made ‘The Bar Council has said that rules should be made regarding the authority of automatic notice case’ ‘Benchs should be formed by forming committees to maintain the reputation of the judiciary’ After these demands of the Pakistan Bar Council, the responsibility of the Parliament would have increased. And as the Prime Minister has said in his speech that if today the Parliament could not legislate to improve the situation, history will not forgive us tomorrow. Therefore, Parliament should focus on playing its role to eliminate the existing constitutional and legal ambiguity so that no constitutional and legal ambiguity can arise in this regard in the future.

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