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From 23 April 2023 Intesa will no longer be SPID manager

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From 23 April 2023 Intesa will no longer be SPID manager

From 23 April Intesa will no longer be one of the digital identity managers enabled by AgID. In fact, Intesa leaves the group of providers who are currently authorized to issue SPIDs.

What users who have SPIDs with Intesa should do

Whoever owns the Intesa SPID identity will have the possibility of obtaining the SPID credentials free of charge from another accredited manager, of their choice, according to the procedures set out by AgID. By 31 March 2023 Intesa will inform all its users communicating the methods for obtaining the new credentials.

For more information, you can write to the address: info_spid@intesa.it

What all service providers and SPID aggregators must do

Starting April 23, 2023, SPID service providers and aggregators will need to update the “Log in with SPID” (Identity Provider choice) present in the repository https://github.com/italia/spid-sp-access-buttonremoving the ability to select Entente.

In fact, service providers must ensure that the list of IDPs in the “Enter with SPID” button is always updated with the information of the IDPs present in the register, as indicated in Notice no. 42 – Update of the “Enter with SPID” button issued on 25 January.

The Warning indicates the possibility of implementing the button “Log in with SPID” in line with the requirements for graphical interfaces, in order to allow the generation of the IDP list dynamically based on the information present in the register.

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