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From an honest person to a knife-wielding person, the tragedy of Ou Jinzhong triggers repercussions | Putian, Fujian | Homicide | Reward Notice

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[Epoch Times October 16, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Chang Chun interviewed and reported) A major murder case occurred recently in Putian, Fujian. Why did he become a murderer?” Some mainland scholars said that the Ou Jinzhong incident reflected that social injustice under the party-state system led him to despair without asking for help.

According to an official report from Xiuyu District, Putian City, Fujian Province on October 13, on the afternoon of the 10th, Ou Jinzhong, a villager in Shanglin Village, Pinghai Town, Xiuyu District, chopped a person with a hatchet, resulting in two deaths and three injuries in a family of five. The victim belonged to four generations of grandparents, and one of the injured was a 10-year-old child. After the incident, Ou Jinzhong ran away and his whereabouts were unknown.

After the incident broke out, the cover news report quoted an insider’s message saying: “Ou Jinzhong is a relatively honest person and rarely quarrels with others.” “Ou Jinzhong is a kind person and has done many good deeds before. He once saw righteousness at the seaside to rescue a little boy. “

For several days, the Ou Jinzhong incident has been fermented on the Internet. Some netizens questioned “Ou Jinzhong is really a bully? Why do so many villagers say he is a good person?” A survey showed that about 83% of Internet users sympathized. In response to the one-sided sympathy, CCTV also published an online review stating that “people’s sympathy should not be extended as an endorsement of violence.”

Social injustice leads people to a dead end

Dong Guangping, a mainland democracy activist, told The Epoch Times on the 15th, “He (Ou Jinzhong) was forced to go to a dead end and had no choice but to kill. It should be the problem, despair, despair!” “Because of them in the past few years. The family has been living in that broken tin house and has been subjected to this persecution. There is no one to help him, and there is no way to ask for help.”

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“He told every day he shouldn’t, he asked for the ground and no one would help him.” Dong Guangping said: “He looked at his family and relatives around him, and his way of survival had been completely blocked. He will go this way.”

On January 13 this year, Ou Jinzhong posted on social media for help, “I hope everyone can tell me where I can go to appeal. The petition bureaus in the province and the city have already petitioned, and there is no response. I beg you for instructions. road.”

Ou Jinzhong disclosed in the help information that in 2017, after he went through the procedures for building a dilapidated house, his original house was more than 400 square meters, and after the demolition, he could only build a house of 150 square meters. And his son is 30 years old. Since the new house has not been repaired, he has not married a wife until now.

On the day of the incident, there was a typhoon and the iron sheets on the house where Ou Jinzhong was temporarily staying were blown away. After the wind stopped, Ou Jinzhong and his family went to pick up the iron sheets. After passing by the neighbor’s vegetable field, he accidentally crushed the vegetables that the neighbor had just planted. After running to curse, the two sides had a dispute, and finally killed.

Analysis: The CCP system determines the miserable experience

NTDTV interviewed Mr. An, a local villager in Putian on the 15th, saying, “In fact, he (Ou Jinzhong) wanted to go through formal channels, but he couldn’t find it. There was no way. People would collapse. In rural areas, everywhere in the country, many places have this. This kind of situation, it was only exposed after such a big thing.”

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In an interview with Epoch Times on the 15th, Gu Guoping, a retired teacher of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, expressed his sympathy for Ou Jinzhong. He has become a bad person, an abnormal person.”

Dong Guangping believes that it is the system of the Chinese Communist Party that determines the tragic experience of the Chinese people. “This is a kind of mental illness. Why do you get mental illness? It is the social injustice of the CCP that caused his mental distortion to become sick. Then he will persecute some innocent people, not that he is bad. He wants to persecute innocent people. To kill someone, he got sick, and this disease is a social disease caused by the CCP.”

However, similar cases are not uncommon in China. In 2013, Jia Jinglong, a native of Beigaoying Village, Shijiazhuang City, had a three-story residential building demolished. He appealed to petitions many times to no avail. In the end, he could not bear it. He shot and killed the village committee director of the village and was sentenced to death.

In 2001, Hu Wenhai, a villager of Dayukou Village, Yuci, Shanxi, failed to contract coal mines, and the petitioning village branch staff failed to commit corruption. After that, he shot and killed the village cadres and the people who had feasts with him, resulting in 14 deaths. Hu Wenhai was shot in January the following year.

Reward notice inadvertently leaked the authorities panic

After the Ou Jinzhong incident, the Pinghai Town Government issued a reward notice on the evening of October 12: “The discovery of Ou Jinzhong’s figure clues awards 20,000, and the discovery of Ou Jinzhong’s corpse awards 50,000.”

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Current affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan said that it was the government’s announcement that “the one who catches alive is rewarded, but the reward for death is even higher”, which has boosted the current Internet spectacle in Chinese society: the vast majority of people publicly expressed their interest in Ou Jinzhong. Sympathy.

As for the fact that so many people sympathize with Ou Jinzhong, is it an endorsement of violence? Tang Jingyuan said, of course not. What they sympathize with is the experience that Ou Jinzhong has been unable to discuss for many years, and support the accountability of relevant departments and governments at all levels for inaction. reason.”

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