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“From concern we must move to occupation”

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“From concern we must move to occupation”

Julian Andres Santa

A new technical committee for the National and Paranational Games that will begin in November of this year in the Coffee Region was held yesterday at Expofuturo. The director Baltazar Medina spoke to the media and responded to the concerns of the press and in general of the sports sector, where without a doubt the main ones are around the time that remains for the remodeling of the stages.

Conclusions of the technical committee

For me it is very satisfying to be in charge of the organization of the games and of course the responsibility that implies fulfilling all the sports youth of the country with excellent competitions. The departmental operating committees were formed, the departmental coordinators were ratified, some people were appointed as the technical director of the games, who will be Patricia Cárdenas”.

Time factor for works

Very complete reports were presented on what worries the entire population and sports fans the most, which are the advances in the sports infrastructure works, an advance that is already clearing up many doubts and is giving us enough peace of mind to trust the contractors regarding to the completion of the works within the foreseen times”.

From worry to occupation

I am added to all these worries, it is not the people, we are all who are worried but of course we have to translate them into occupations and we all start to put ourselves forward, to push for the same side and believing and trusting in the word that We have to believe that it is that of the contractors who have committed to us, not only to work double shifts, but also to comply with a work schedule to have them ready in the required time.”

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What is missing to start in the Major Coliseum?

The audits are ready, there are only one or two projects that are making a final review of the designs, in this sense they have been quite comprehensive and I believe that once all these elements have been harmonized, the idea is that in about two, three weeks At the most, we already see physical works on the stages that are pending initiation”.

Legacy that will remain for athletes

We want to make these games not only an integrating factor for the region, but one where a better opportunity is provided, where this valuable human talent that all the departments of the Coffee Region have, show their capacity and talent as the great force that He will be in charge of promoting the sports development of the region, making good use of this extraordinary legacy of sports works that will remain in the three cities”.

Time schedule in works

The works are between six and ten months, those of ten months are the ones that worry us the most, of course, we trust the promises of the contractors but also something that is appearing as a novelty lately in the country, it is summer, because If we have a time like the last days that they are doing and the threats of risk of delay of works due to winter disappear, I think that this will help us to speed up those construction processes even more”, pointed out the experienced director of the games, who among his extensive resume stands out having been president of the Colombian Olympic Committee.

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