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From Conte green light to Majorino’s candidacy, but +Europe withdraws support

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From Conte green light to Majorino’s candidacy, but +Europe withdraws support

After the yes to the alliance with the centre-left, the 5 Star Movement has now given the green light also on the name of the exponent dem Pierfancesco Majorino as common candidate for the presidency of the Lombardy Region in the elections of 12 and 13 February 2023. The ‘yes’ by Giuseppe Conte it would not be official yet but in the next few hours the Lombard coordinator of the Movement, Dario Violi, will meet Majorino to close the last points of the agreement.

“Overcoming the mistrust” on the dem MEP that could be linked to the Qatar-EU scandal, the 5 Stars will now ask for guarantees of transparency and legality also on the candidates who make up the coalition lists. These would, in fact, be the last knots to untie, before the green light for the agreement.

«With Pierfrancesco Majorino we shared the need to mark this path through the principles linked to political ethics and transparency. All the more so in view of the news relating to the ‘Qatargate’ scandal regarding which Pierfrancesco Majorino has demonstrated in practice, with his votes and his amendments, that he is totally extraneous. The moral question remains the beacon of our political action», declares the Lombard coordinator of the 5 Star Movement, Dario Violi.

«President Conte has asked for reassurances on the fact that the entire coalition demonstrates total transparency in matters of: legality, the fight against corruption and conflict of interest, adhering to ethical and moral codes linked to both politics and the administration of the public good. I asked Majorino to be the guarantor of these principles, as regards all the lists that will support his candidacy. We want to build another Lombardy together, where the high value we attribute to the institutions can be reflected in the respect of ethical codes”.

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+Europe, on the other hand, withdraws support. «The choice of the Democratic Party and the Majorino candidate to change the coalition that had initially chosen him and to forge an alliance with the M5S is a political and electoral mistake in which +Europe will not participate, as we had clarified from the first minute. You can’t win or govern with the populists in Lombardy», says the secretary of +Europa, Benedetto Della Vedova.

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