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From dentists to pharmacists, from surveyors to veterinarians: the degree becomes an enabling one

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After the decision taken in “emergency” for doctors comes the first real goodbye to post-graduate professional qualifications, in particular for dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, but also psychologists and surveyors. On October 28, 2021, the Senate definitively approved the Ddl on qualifying university qualifications. The provision aims to make the final examination of the university course of some regulated professions coincide with the state examination.

Linked to the 2021 Budget Law

Linked to the 2021 Budget Law, the hall of Palazzo Madama gave the green light to the text already voted by the Chamber. Furthermore, with the green light on the bill, the commitment contained in the Pnrr to approve the reform by the end of the year is implemented. After the green light in June arrived in the Chamber, here is now the new law greeted with satisfaction by the various sides with the hope that the audience of qualifying degrees can be further expanded. Here are the main measures.

Dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians and psychologists

The final examination of the degrees in dentistry and dental prosthesis, pharmacy and industrial pharmacy, veterinary medicine, psychology, will enable the exercise of the professions respectively of dentistry, pharmacist, veterinarian and psychologist.

Surveyors, agricultural technicians, agricultural and industrial experts

The degrees in technical professions for construction and the territory, in agricultural, food and forestry technical professions and industrial and information technical professions will have an enabling effect to exercise the profession of graduate surveyor, graduate agricultural technician, graduate agricultural expert and industrial expert graduate.

Chemists, physicists and biologists

The master’s degrees in physical chemistry and biology respectively enable the exercise of the professions of chemist, physicist and biologist.

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