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From nuts to wild boar vaccines, all the flags on the maneuver

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No tolls to make the myriad of sectoral or flag micro-measures travel fast on which to focus as many “tokens“, Even just a few thousand euros. And an almost painstaking subdivision between gyms, swimming pools, wild boars, nuts, more or less typical gastronomic products, targeted recruitment and foundations of various kinds of the dowry of about 150 million available to parliamentary groups for mini-adjustments to the budget law . At Palazzo Madama the long snake of funding in pills, collected in as many reformulated amendments, which winds along the heavy body of the maneuver and which in some corridors has made us think of the umpteenth re-edition of a “cult movie” without time: the law tip. Because among the files that have materialized in the Budget Commission, after a prolonged stop, everything appears: from 7 thousand euros fully operational from 2023 for the exemption from the motorway toll of vehicles belonging to the Valle d’Aosta Fire Brigade, the “Forestale” and of the Civil Protection of the Aosta Valley, to the 200 thousand euros allocated to the De Gasperi Foundation to honor the 80th anniversary of the birth of the Christian Democrats.

As is well known, the maneuver retains its charm, also because every time it is waiting to be discovered. And the one that is trying almost in extremis to obtain the approval of the Chambers is no less: for example, one can come across, somewhat surprisingly, in the 82 thousand euros per year destined to the indefinite hiring of two public employees with the task of handling the paperwork of the small town of Verduno. The Pedini gymnasium of the G. Leopardi school in the municipality of Trofanello should also find hospitality in the loose meshes of the (almost) budget law, which will benefit from a million for its renovation and that of the attached classrooms. And it will also be in good company: another million should be allocated for the energy efficiency of the community swimming pool in the Municipality of Centro Valle Intelvi, in the San Fedele area, and also for the redevelopment of the Monte San Primo complex of the Municipality of Bellaggio.

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Onlus, libraries and sports fields

In the extensive list of “tokens” up to one million euros, there are contributions for many foundations and associations: 250 thousand euros to the Filippo Cremonesi Institute and to Fish (the Italian Federation for overcoming the handicap), 200 thousand for the Franco Foundation Zeffirelli onlus, 350 thousand to the Anna Milanese Foundation, to the “I Sud del Mondo” Association and to the Salvo D’Acquisto study center. Another 125 thousand should arrive at the Galilean Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts in Padua for the redevelopment of the monumental site, 200 thousand at the Italian non-vision impaired library in Treviso and 250 thousand to contribute to the activity of the association called Fondazione Antonino Scopelliti of Reggio Calabria.

The funding for the safety of the church of San Pietro in Colle in the Municipality of Caldiero, in the province of Verona (350 thousand euros), for the Special Olympics Italia (300 thousand), and for the Giro still remains below the 1 million euro threshold. of Italy young people under 23 (600 thousand). On the list, with 600 thousand thousand euros, there is also the redevelopment of the sports fields of the Pietro Mennea Institute in Barletta.

Famous Italians and music

Respecting tradition, the maneuver remains with the celebrations of famous Italians at home and in the world: 400 thousand euros are assigned to those of Giacomo Matteotti one hundred years after his death and the same 100 years after the birth of Pierpaolo Pasolini. One million is then destined for the celebrations of the painter Pietro Vannucci, known as “Il Perugino” (and 1.5 million to prepare the event that will concern Giacomo Puccini in 2024). In fact, the destination of 300 thousand euros was required to promote knowledge of the events that brought the body of the unknown soldier to Rome for the continuation of the journey of the train of Memory.

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