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From Rixi to Leo: here are the eight deputy ministers of the Meloni government

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From Rixi to Leo: here are the eight deputy ministers of the Meloni government

Here are the 8 deputy ministers appointed by the CDM. And they will swear on November 4th. There is no shortage of well-known names. Foreigners are Edmondo Cirielli (Fdi), Justice Francesco Paolo Sisto (Fi), Mef Maurizio Leo (Fdi), Mise Valentino Valentini (Fi), Environment Vannia Gava (Lega), Infrastructure and Transport Galeazzo Bignami (Fdi) and Edoardo Rixi (Lega), work and social policies, Maria Teresa Bellucci (Fdi)

Edmondo Cirielli, born in 1964, member of the National Alliance, was president of the province of Salerno from 8 June 2009 to 22 October 2012. Member of the Chamber since 2001, where he held the position of President of the 4th Defense Commission from 2008 to 2013; secretary from 2013 to 2018; and quaestor in the House until 2022. He became spokesperson for the law of the same name in 2005, a law that provided for the revision of the calculation on the prescription of offenses, but the law was however later disavowed by him as it underwent changes by the Italian Parliament which did not reflect plus Cirelli’s political line. This is why the law is currently known under the name of Ex Cirelli.

Francesco Paolo Sisto, born in Bari in 1955, candidate for Il Popolo della Libertà in the Puglia constituency in the 2008 general elections, was elected deputy and joined the Justice Commission, the Anti-Mafia Commission and the Authorization Committee, of which he is first secretary and since 2011 vice president. With the 2013 general elections, he was reconfirmed as a deputy and elected President of the 1st Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Chamber in the PdL quota. As majority speaker, he collaborated in writing the new Italicum electoral law and the constitutional reform of the new Senate after the agreement between Renzi and Berlusconi. On November 16, 2013 he joined Forza Italia. Considered a guarantor, he was Silvio Berlusconi’s defender in the escort trial. During the Draghi government he was Undersecretary of Justice

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Maurizio Leo, economic manager of Fratelli d’Italia, born in Rome in 1955, graduated in Law, was central director for legal affairs and tax disputes in the Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance, lecturer at the Higher School of Public Administration, at the Tax Police School of the Guardia di Finanza, at the Academy of the Guardia di Finanza, at the Higher School of Economics and Finance. Tax expert, Leo was a deputy of the fourteenth and fifteenth legislatures, as well as councilor for economic, financial and budget policies of Rome capital with the mayor Alemanno.

Valentino Valentini, long-time force deputy, active four legislatures in Parliament, born in 1962, master in Publitalia, experiences in the EU Parliament, on November 16, 2013, with the suspension of the activities of the People of Freedom, he joined Forza Italia. On 24 January 2014, in the second executive led by Silvio Berlusconi, he held the role of advisor for foreign relations and the activities of Italian companies in the world, with particular attention to Russia. Candidate for the House in the last political elections, he was not re-elected. Now for Valentini the doors of the ministry that deals with economic development are opening.

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