Home News From Serd Belluno was born Verso Casa: a laboratory to transform emotions into music

From Serd Belluno was born Verso Casa: a laboratory to transform emotions into music

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From Serd Belluno was born Verso Casa: a laboratory to transform emotions into music

“A thousand steps home, yellow leaves fall in the sun, in the silence of a break, you are the answer to everything…” this is the refrain of the song “Homeward”, written, set to music and sung by the participants in the song writing musical workshop, organized by the Department of Addictions of the Ulss Dolomiti and concluded in recent weeks. A song and a video made by the boys, between musical arrangements and an intense text, which ignites in the listener the hope of those who still have dreams to realize.

Belluno, a song to overcome addictions


Il laboratory involved the participants in six meetings, held by music therapist Marco Anzovino, with the aim of creating a group which, through an artistic, aggregative and sharing journey, could learn to communicate, tell stories and express their emotions through the lyrics of songs, the melody of music and singing.

In fact, music accompanies us in our days and often in the significant moments of life, becoming a symbolic language to convey our moods. «The musical experience, aimed at enhancing the creativity of children through artistic expression, thus intends to perform an educational function of rehabilitation and socialization which is important in countering the youth discomfort and marginalization.

During the workshop, in fact, we worked to give participants tools, techniques, languages, training approaches related to music, which have become a conscious and positive means for their growth and their relationship development. They were offered a group experience and positive protagonism, bringing out their abilities, their talents, their feelings and their thoughts, in the name of healthy fun, collaboration, discussion and overcoming difficulties, without competition.

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It was precisely the help of the group that made everyone’s performance better and at the end of the process there was no classification: everyone won because everyone managed to express themselves in an authentic and sincere way», explains Amalia Manzan , director of the Serd of Ulss Dolomiti. The laboratory is part of the Mind-Walk project, active in Ulss Dolomiti, conceived and created by the educators of the Department of Addiction. In line with regional directives and included in the 2020-2022 Three-Year Plan for Addiction, the project aims to prevent the chronicity and marginalization of young users with Substance Use Disorder related to SERD through creative workshops and group activities.

From the union of two words, “walk” and “mind”, we want to describe, thus, a project that aims to promote a journey understood as an action of walking, but also as an inner journey, a metaphor for life, an action of thought, of emotions and experiences, towards an evolution of the personal path.

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