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From stable to table: Canavese now has its mozzarella made in Azeglio

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The historic Zoppo farm founded 50 years ago launches into the production and direct sale of fresh cheese


At Cascina Schiavenza the alarm goes off at 6.30. At 7 there is milking to take care of, an activity that the Zoppo farm – 80 lactating cows, 100 breeding cows – has had a vocation since the 1970s. For Alessandro Zoppo, 36, the day starts early in the stable, by subdivision of roles he is the one who follows the farm and fields.

The sisters Mara and Ugolina, 47 and 45, prepare their young children for school and instead dedicate themselves to what since December has become the second activity of the company built from scratch in the 1970s by their parents. The production of fresh cheeses. With direct sales in the small company shop that opens directly onto the laboratory. From the field, 60 hectares where they grow fodder for cattle, to the barn where the cows give milk. Up to the table. You can’t get more zero kilometer than this. «This is the philosophy that we wanted to enhance in December, by opening the shop – explains Mara Zoppo -. Despite the period, we believed in the diversification of production ». Already sensitive to production practices focused on sustainability and animal welfare (the Zoppos attend the Zac markets and on Mondays at the market in Campo di Terra alta held at the Azeglio mustard grain), they have taken a step forward after looking at each other. around.

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«We are on the road leading to the Azeglio stilt houses, the Unesco site. Many entered interested in buying cheeses. Today consumers want to see where what they put on the table is produced, ask questions, get information, taste and evaluate. In short, there is more attention ». The Zoppo dairy laboratory transforms 600 liters of milk per week making it crescenza, primosale, tomini, yogurt, sweet creams.

«And mozzarella del Canavese – adds Mara – was a bit of my obsession, not being a typical cheese of ours. But here it is: zero kilometer mozzarella from Canavese ». A first assessment four months after the start of the adventure? “We like everything that means responsibility and commitment, so it was passed on to us by our parents. I think it pays, because the affection with which the country is following us none of us would have expected it. Or at least not like that. ” –

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