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From the Colibrì group to Pian Castaldi: tributes to the volunteers of the Belluno network

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From the Colibrì group to Pian Castaldi: tributes to the volunteers of the Belluno network

The Committee of Understanding rewards associations and young volunteers from Belluno who have distinguished themselves with their work. Examples of altruism and dedication that pay homage to other benefactors to whom the prizes and special mentions up for grabs are dedicated. The two awards, both in their first edition, are in fact established in memory of two people linked to the Committee of Intesa who both passed away this year: Giambattista Arrigoni, former honorary president of the Committee of Intesa, and Romeo Bristot, former secretary and treasurer of the association.

The winners

For this first edition, the “Arrigoni” prize was awarded ex aequo to the Hummingbird Groups of the “Insieme si può…” non-profit association and to the Baita al Pian dei Castaldi Committee, which stood out for their dynamism, involvement of young volunteers and support for charitable initiatives and other associations.

To the Hummingbird Groups, in particular, for the involvement of children and young people in voluntary activities in favor of people and families in difficulty and for the objectives achieved in the education of children and young people on global issues, peace, social justice and solidarity . The Baita al Pian dei Castaldi Committee, on the other hand, has been recognized for being able to involve young people and for collaborating with other associations. Among the best-known activities of the committee is “Give a smile”, a traditional event of sport and solidarity whose proceeds are used in solidarity actions.

Special mention “Maria Da Rold”, then, to the young group of the Feltre association of voluntary blood donors, for having favored the diffusion of the spirit of volunteering and the associative commitment in the younger generations.

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Il Bristot

As for the “Bristot” award, it is instead aimed at recognizing young people, under 25 years of age, who have particularly distinguished themselves in the association in which they work for dedication, results, operational ability, leadership and particular actions undertaken. This year the prize was awarded ex aequo to Alessia Zannantonio Martin, 19 years old, from Vigo, and to Francesco Michetti, 24 years old, from Alano.

The first, a very young secretary of the Abvs of Vigo, has decided to apply for the section of her village to ensure a future for the association. Although her life path has taken her to the province of Vicenza (she dreams of becoming a cook), she remains motivated and always present for the Abvs of her hometown. She strongly believes in the value of volunteering and testifies to the importance of giving among her peers. Michetti, on the other hand, is president of the civil and environmental protection of the Municipality of Alano; joined the association as a volunteer after Vaia, he soon found himself on its board of directors. Elected in March of this year, he guarantees continuity to the association together with a group of young volunteers and is committed to reviving the nucleus by dealing with every aspect, from administrative matters to the organization of exercises.

Special mention “Anna Bärlocher” to Elias Borgatti, 18, of Anteas “La Cometa” of Seren del Grappa, for having worked in the town library. Borgatti is a representative at Colotti, where he presented a project, led by Anteas, to help elderly and frail people with the aim of delivering food, medicines or other expenses.

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The awards will be held tomorrow from 3 pm in Sala Bianchi in Belluno, within the framework of the ordinary meeting of the Committee of Intesa.

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