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From the first session of Parliament to office: Meloni aims to close by 20 October

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From the first session of Parliament to office: Meloni aims to close by 20 October

One week after the political vote on 25 September, the informal consultations of Giorgia Meloni continue in Rome, with the aim of receiving the assignment from the Head of State, starting with the official meetings and presenting the list of ministers perhaps even in good time to participate personally in the October European Council in Brussels. The energy crisis is the real test of the future executive and the intention is to hurry up to face the crisis linked to the increases in the cost of energy and to approve the budget law by the end of the year: the ambition is therefore to close the game possibly by 20 October. But the road to the formation of the new government is marked by obligatory institutional steps that mark the start of each new legislature. Here are the dates that could lead to the birth of the 67th government in republican history, the first led by a woman.

First meeting of the Chambers: 13 October

One day of course is Thursday 13 October, when the Chambers will have to meet for the first time. Article 61 of the Constitution provides that the two houses of Parliament are convened “no later than the twentieth day” of the vote. October 13 will be a watershed date because starting from the inaugural session of the new Parliament, the senators and elected deputies, after having given life to the parliamentary groups, will have to choose the presidents of the Chamber and Senate as a first act: a vote that in fact indicates a majority and a prelude to a general agreement on the Government. The election of the group leaders should arrive between 16 and 17.

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Consultations quickly: perhaps as early as 15 October

The polls gave the country a large majority and in compliance with the times dictated by the Chamber and Senate and by political agreements, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, is preparing to face the institutional changes in a short time. So, once the leaders of Parliament have been elected, Mattarella is ready to open consultations that could easily take place on Saturdays and Sundays as well. That is to say, if the conditions are right, already on the 15th and 16th of October. Or, alternatively, on 17 or 18 October.

The process is the classic one: the head of state will call the group leaders, the leaders of the coalitions, the former presidents of the chambers and the presidents emeritus of the Republic to the Quirinale to understand the orientations before entrusting the task to form the new executive. At the end of the confrontation in the study at the Vetrata, perhaps the following day, the appointment should reach the Prime Minister indicated that it should be Giorgia Meloni, leader of the most voted party of the winning center-right coalition.

The office and the new government

Prassi wants the person in charge to accept with reserve and carry out a round of talks before returning to the Hill to accept and present the list of ministers. Much, in this passage, will depend on the internal balances of the center-right, balances that will therefore decide the boxes of the future executive. Article 92 of the Constitution provides for the appointment of ministers by the head of state on the proposal of the prime minister. In recent days, Meloni has collected the wishes of Lega and Forza Italia but has not solved the puzzle about the key ministries: Economy, Foreign Affairs and the Interior. The leader of FdI should then go up again to the “palace of the Popes” to deliver the list of ministers and accept the post.

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