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From the funeral home to racing: the story of Alessandro, who won the Piancavallo Rally

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The last year and a half left him “an indelible scar” Then an unforgettable afternoon, thanks to his passion for steering

PORDENONE. The last year and a half, he says, has “left an indelible scar”. Alessandro Prosdocimo, since spring 2020, has had to deal with the effects of Covid every day. Sometimes even in a brutal way. It’s part of his job, as he runs a funeral home company. His passion, however, motoring, gave him an afternoon of enormous joy.

At his 39th race in his career, the gentleman driver from Pordenone, born in 1979, achieved his first overall success, winning the national round of the “Rally Piancavallo” organized by Knife Racing of Maniago on the Skoda Fabia R5. Before the last timed stretch, Clauzetto, just over 7 km long, the driver was third and was thinking of keeping his precious place on the podium. “In this way I faced the test,” he stressed. Then there was what, in racing, especially when it rains, can happen. The leader of the standings slammed, retiring; the second imitated him, but managed to start again but without being able to put Prosdocimo behind him, who arrived in front of everyone at the reorganization of Maniago, «where I discovered I had won – he said -. In fact, when Clauzetto’s test came out, I didn’t have an internet connection and I couldn’t check the rankings. I went down to Maniago, I saw the ranking and I was excited ». A dream, he then defined it, a moment that he will carry with him and that he will keep not only among the memories of his sporting career – which began in 2002 at the Rally Valli Pordenonesi, a “descendant” of Piancavallo – but also among those of his private sphere.

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“From a human point of view, having seen the consequences of Covid closely, I have spent difficult months – he explained -. The pandemic has changed my outlook on life, it has clearly shown that no one is invincible. I got into the car after more than a year just to breathe a bit of normality for a day and a half. I needed a breath of fresh air and I wanted to have fun ». He did, and he won. “I’m also lucky because I have the opportunity to drive a car that many only dream of – he added -. Victory wasn’t in my plans, but that’s how it went and I enjoy it ».

Alessandro deserved such a moment, given the emotions he had to live with. “In the last two months I had to attend the funeral of three couples, it had never happened to me in 25 years of work – he explained -. It is my profession, of course, and with people I must and want to be reassuring. I felt the human backlash too, because I am a man ». He has always given courtesy and humanity to everyone, despite the difficulties. A victory perhaps even more important than that obtained behind the wheel. –

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