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From the Priolo refinery to the sports clubs: all the support arriving with the DL aid

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From the Priolo refinery to the sports clubs: all the support arriving with the DL aid

“Aid” decree, it would be said: “in name and in fact”. Among the amendments approved by the House Finance and Budget Committees in the night marathon on Thursday 30 June, many call for new support. These are wide-ranging interventions, from the Priolo refinery to the sports clubs. On Monday 4 July the text will arrive in the classroom. We are at the first reading.

Save Priolo refinery

In the package of solutions that received the go-ahead from the Commissions, there was an ISAB save, signed by all the groups. The approved text identifies a path aimed at avoiding the closure of the Priolo refinery which is no longer able to supply Russian crude following the sanctions imposed on Moscow by the European Council. Isab is owned by the Russian Lukoil.

10 million arrive for the promotion of small cinemas

Among the amendments approved, the one that provides for an increase in tax discounts for small cinemas, with the aim of relaunching independent cinemas in particular. Precisely for small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector, an amendment to the aid decree, voted in the night session, in fact increases the tax credit already allocated to cinemas for 2022 and 2023 from 40% to 60%. intended for the opening of new cinemas or for the reactivation or renovation of inactive ones. 10 million are also earmarked for promotional campaigns and initiatives for the relaunch of theaters.

Suspended taxes, more liquidity for sports clubs

There is a new extension for the payment of taxes and contributions for the world of sport. An amendment to the aid dl approved during the night session postpones payments to November 30, 2022, providing that the payment, without penalties and interest, is made in a single solution by December 16 of this year. By guaranteeing therefore greater liquidity, the measure aims to support national sports federations, sports promotion bodies and professional and amateur sports associations and clubs which have their registered office in Italy and operate in the context of sports competitions in progress.

23 million fund to finance fishing tax credit

After the blockade in all maritime ports, a 23 million euro fund arrives to finance the tax credit for fishing until next December 31st.

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