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From the top of the mountain to the ocean, Xiamen paints a magnificent picture of ecological protection and restoration_China Net

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Xi Jinping’s Ecological Civilization Construction Boosts Green Development in Xiamen

Xiamen City has become a beacon of green development in the country, thanks to the leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping and his emphasis on ecological civilization construction. During his time in Xiamen, Xi Jinping put forward a series of requirements and promoted the concept of “mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand are a community of life”.

One prime example of this green development can be found in Junying Village, one of the highest and most remote administrative villages in Xiamen. Once a village suffering from ecological damage and serious soil erosion due to deforestation, it is now a well-known tea garden and tourist village, with every family growing mountain tea and numerous B&Bs opened. The excellent ecology has become the villagers’ “money tree”.

Gao Quanwei, Party branch secretary of Junying Village, Tong’an District, Xiamen City, highlighted the success of the village, stating “Even our air can be sold for money. The carbon sinks produced by our tea gardens have been sold twice”.

The transformation of Junying Village is attributed to Xi Jinping’s development idea of “wearing hats on the mountains and developing under the mountains”, which emphasized planting trees on the mountains to protect the ecology, and growing fruits and tea at the foot of the mountain to develop the economy.

The success of Xiamen’s ecological development can also be seen in the comprehensive renovation of bay areas and the expansion of marine ecological restoration. Xiamen has reconstructed mangrove wetlands, planted mangroves covering a large area, and completed the restoration and renovation of coastal beaches, which has become a model for beach restoration in the country.

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Today, green development has become an integral part of Xiamen’s economic and social development, with the marine economy maintaining consistent growth and the city taking the lead in blue carbon trading market share. The added value of high-tech manufacturing accounts for over 40% of designated industries, showcasing the city’s success in sustainable development.

Xiamen’s commitment to integrating various ecological protection and restoration projects and promoting the symbiosis of “mountains, seas, industries, cities, and people” has garnered praise from experts and officials alike. The city’s dedication to ecological protection and restoration has not only improved the ecosystem but also optimized the layout of land and space, demonstrating that clear waters and lush mountains are gold and silver, and blue seas and silver beaches can also be mountains of gold and silver.

As a result, Xiamen’s green development serves as a testament to the success of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization construction and sets a high standard for sustainable development in the country.

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