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[Front-line interview]Need to quarantine for 28 days, Wuxi Fifth Hospital escort crying out | Jiangsu Wuxi Fifth Hospital | CCP virus | Confirmed

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[Epoch Times News on August 21, 2021](Interviews and reports by Epoch Times reporters Gu Xiaohua and Gu Qing’er) “We are all going to collapse. We are all stupid to stay here. We called 12345 to complain, and we called Explosion.” A Ms. Sun Yuhua (pseudonym) who was hospitalized with her grandson at the Fifth People’s Hospital of Wuxi City (Wuxi Fifth Hospital) in Jiangsu complained.

Due to the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party virus (new crown virus, COVID-19) in Jiangsu, the fifth hospital in Wuxi has been infected. The hospital will be closed from July 29 to August 25. This move makes inpatients, escorts and medical staff like It’s like being in jail, it’s miserable.

Sun Yuhua told the Epoch Times reporter on August 20, “I heard that the number of people in isolation is more than 1,000. We will not be able to go out from July 29.”

Sun Yuhua’s grandson fell ill and was admitted to Wuxi Fifth Hospital on July 24. He could be discharged from the hospital on August 3. Sun Yuhua said, “The aunt next to the bed was preparing to be discharged from the hospital on July 29. But the doctor came over and said to her that day, “Tell you a bad news, I can’t be discharged,” and (everyone) started to be quarantined somehow. We too. There is no close contact.”

At that time, the doctor told the patient that he could be discharged from the hospital if he did not have a positive nucleic acid three times. “But after three days, we said that we would (quarantine) for 14 days. We didn’t think much about it at that time, because it was reported that there was a confirmed case in Wuxi Fifth Hospital,” Sun Yuhua said.

According to the official report of the Chinese Communist Party, on July 29, Wuxi reported a case of asymptomatic infection from a native. On the same day, the patients, accompanying family members and medical staff of Wuxi Fifth Hospital began to quarantine again.

“The 14 days are full, and another 7 days will be added. This is all verbal transmission, and no red-headed documents have been seen.” Sun Yuhua said that the entire hospital A, B, C, and D are all isolated, including doctors, nurses, and nurses. Patient, escort.

Sun Yuhua said that the hospital said it could go out on August 18. “If there is nothing in our building (B), the patient can be discharged from the hospital. It will be 7 days before the 18th (August 25), and we are all going to collapse.” She said.

“It now requires 14+7+7 documents.” Sun Yuhua said, “We are very emotional because we have been locked up (quarantined) for 21 days. We don’t want to communicate verbally, we have to read the red-headed documents. At that time (August 18), the police came over. He asked us what we asked for, but I knew it was all fooling people.”

“On that day (August 18), we had a fierce quarrel. We just wanted to see the leader and find the person in charge. We have not seen the dean, but the doctor told us to quarantine for a few days.” Sun Yuhua said .

Many people called 12345 to complain, and the other party said it would take three or five working days to reply. Sun Yuhua said that except for Saturdays and Sundays, three to five working days, if the quarantine can be lifted on August 25, isn’t this also a fool? The common people could not find the department to complain.

In Wuxi Fifth Hospital, there are husbands who care for their wives, and children who care for the elderly… They are all isolated and cannot go out. Everyone is in a hurry. The unit has to go to work, and there is no compensation for isolation…

Sun Yuhua said that many young people still have to go to work after so many days of isolation. For such losses, which department should be compensated for, and where should everyone go to protect their rights and interests.

She said, “Those doctors and nurses are really pitiful. When they came to work in the morning of July 29, they were told that none of them could leave, and they didn’t even bring replacement clothes. Some nurses had children who were breast-feeding. Go home. I have been quarantined on the 29th and no one has gone home.”

Sun Yuhua said that she was an escort and could sleep in the ward, but she could only sleep on a stool that could not turn over. The nurses and doctors all slept in the corridor.

She also said that the outpatient department and emergency department of the hospital had long since ceased to see doctors, and there was no one going in or out. For example, there are confirmed patients in Building C. They are all isolated. Doctors and nurses are not allowed to come out. All materials are delivered to the elevator entrance by specialized personnel, and someone will pick them up over there.

She also revealed that a nurse in her ward was diagnosed, but she did not know whether it was on the eighth or ninth floor. Anyway, the doctors and nurses on the floor were all transferred to the hotel for isolation at 3:30 in the morning, and the discharged patients were also Was taken to a hotel for centralized isolation. “If you are discharged from the hospital on the 27th, isn’t it quarantined on the 29th? Later, all the people in the past were also quarantined (discharged), and all those who were discharged were brought back to quarantine.”

These quarantined people are required to undergo nucleic acid testing every day. “On July 24, we moved in and did nucleic acid. From the 29th to today (August 20), we have to do it every day. I also joked,’I said Yangzhou is high-risk, so people did it ten times. I have done more than 20 rounds.'” Sun Yuhua said.

She said, “There are old and young at home, right? Young people are a little anxious. The doctors have no choice but to collapse. When we went to make trouble that day, some young nurses were crying and wiping. Tears, we are pitiful too.”

According to a report from the Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission of the Communist Party of China on August 21, on August 20, there was one newly confirmed local case in Jiangsu (Yangzhou City). Since July 20th, a total of 817 local confirmed cases have been reported across the province. Due to the CCP’s cover-up of the epidemic, the true number of confirmed cases is still unclear.

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