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[Front-line interview]People worry about the second peak and sequelae of the soaring epidemic | 900 million | Long new crown

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[Front-line interview]People worry about the second peak and sequelae of the soaring epidemic | 900 million | Long new crown

[The Epoch Times, January 28, 2023](Epoch Times reporters Xia Song and Luo Ya interviewed and reported) The infection rate in China has soared to 80% to 90%, making it the country with the highest infection rate in the world. In December last year, the National School of Development of Peking University reported that the number of infected people nationwide was about 900 million.

With such a high number of infected people, the sequelae of the epidemic have become one of the focuses of public attention. Many of the sequelae are wheezing, fatigue, cough, and brain fog (cognitive dysfunction), which often co-occur with varying degrees, and the proportion of insomnia, anxiety, and depression is also high.

According to “The Long Covid Self-help Guide” written by the Oxford “Long Covid” outpatient medical team, there are currently more than 200 clinical symptoms. In early January, Jin Dongyan, a professor at the School of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Hong Kong, said that he believed that most of them would have sequelae (new crowns) one after another.

According to a meta-analysis (original text) that aggregated 120,000 people infected with the new crown, the incidence of sequelae was 56.9%, and fatigue was the first; neurological and cardiovascular diseases were more common in women; older, There are more mental, respiratory, digestive, skin and other conditions.

Mr. Li from Shijiazhuang told The Epoch Times on January 27 that many people had sequelae after being infected, so they were very worried about re-infection during the second peak.

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A video posted by a Shanghai resident showed that three people left a ward in a local hospital in a row. She was worried that the peak of the epidemic would come again.

A young couple in Shanghai told the Epoch Times reporter that after a month of exposure to the sun, they still have symptoms of coughing and lung pain when they talk for a long time. Easily fatigued and drowsy. But there is no way, I have to go to work, otherwise there will be no salary.

Hu Liren, a former entrepreneur in Shanghai, told The Epoch Times that the aftereffects of the epidemic are relatively common and even serious for many people. “It’s the same when I contracted the epidemic the second time. My classmate has been coughing for more than a month, and it still hasn’t recovered.”

He also said that many people died in Shanghai. At the peak, more than 4,000 people died every day, about 12 times more than usual. Many of my friends’ parents passed away, and his father also passed away.

Because his younger brother was familiar with the people in the hospital, Hu Liren’s father was admitted to the hospital relatively smoothly. He said: “My father died after staying in the hospital for 2 days. He did not enter the ICU, nor was he on a ventilator, but on oxygen.”

He said that two or three weeks ago, a large number of people died. “In the video I posted on Twitter, the seafood cold storage was also requisitioned. There were too many corpses. There were 8,000 corpses in it, and they couldn’t be burned. We have a very strong foundation in Shanghai.” Deep, there are people I know, my father has a fever very quickly, like my friend has to wait for two weeks.”

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Zhang Hua (pseudonym), an independent media person in Beijing, told the reporter that the sequelae of the epidemic are severe, and the outpatient clinic is still very tense.

He said: “After the second wave of infection, most people have fever and then vomit. In addition to the inhalation vaccine causing vomiting, some of the mutated strains did cause gastrointestinal reactions. Now all the infected are children, and the pathological signs are not serious. way to operate, it is inherently unstable.”

“A friend of mine has been suffering from positive symptoms since December 20 last year. He has been coughing for a month, with a sore throat and shortness of breath.”

Zhang Hua also revealed that he discovered today that some outpatient clinics in Beijing are still queuing up, mainly children. He said: “Now the infection rate of children is at a peak. The official internal news has not mentioned it to the outside world.”

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