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[Front-line interviews]Jilin epidemic spreads again and many students are infected | railway station | closed

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[Front-line interviews]Jilin epidemic spreads again and many students are infected | railway station | closed

[The Epoch Times, March 6, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya and Gu Xiaohua interviewed and reported) Recently, the CCP virus (new crown pneumonia) epidemic in Jilin Province has re-emerged, and the number of infected people has continued to rise. Many infected people are classmates. . Traffic control has been implemented at the traffic entrances and exits of Jilin City, and the train station has suspended the business of starting and stopping trains.

The Jilin Provincial Health and Health Commission notified on March 6 that 25 new local confirmed cases were reported from 0-24 on March 5, including 9 cases in Jilin City (including 2 asymptomatic infections converted to confirmed cases), 9 cases in Yanbian Prefecture 7 cases in Changchun City; 36 new cases of local asymptomatic infections, including 28 cases in Jilin City, 7 cases in Yanbian Prefecture, and 1 case in Siping City.

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Among the 9 new local confirmed cases in Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin, 7 were in Hunchun City and 2 in Wangqing County; among the 7 new asymptomatic infections, 5 were in Hunchun City and 2 were in Yanji City.

The recent travel trajectories of the 35 confirmed cases officially announced that many infected people are students and classmates.

The official also requires that those who have recently found a history of living in the area where the epidemic occurred should take the initiative to report to the local community or disease control agency.

The local official has issued a notice that from 0:00 on March 6, the passenger trains departing and stopping at Jilin Station will be temporarily suspended, and the waiting room of Jilin Station will be closed at the same time. Passengers who have already purchased tickets are required to apply for a refund.

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On March 3, Jilin City officials have announced that traffic control will be implemented at all traffic entrances and exits in Jilin City from 0:00 on March 4. Those who really need to leave the city must report to the unit and community where they belong, and hold a negative nucleic acid test within 24 hours. Proof, pass with the health green code.

At the same time, since March 5, 3 temporary nucleic acid testing points have been set up in the city to provide nucleic acid testing services for employees of road cargo transportation in Liji. The testing time is from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight. Locations include Jihua Stadium, Jilin Economic and Technological Development District Hospital, and Gate 3 of Northeast Asia Fruit Wholesale Market.

On March 6, when the Epoch Times reporter contacted one of the locations, the phone was always on a busy tone. Re-contact after a period of time, several times in a row, the other party hangs up directly after answering the phone. Calling with a different number has the same result.

Ms. Wang from Jilin City told The Epoch Times that schools, transportation, and banks in Jilin are now closed, and citizens of the entire Jilin City require all nucleic acid tests, and the control is very strict. If you don’t do nucleic acid testing, you will be legally responsible if you are infected.

Ms. Wang emphasized, “This time, there are many students in schools and supermarket staff. The (epidemic) spread is really fast. Many are asymptomatic infections.”

She also said that some confirmed cases have been to many shopping malls in Jilin City, and almost all of them have been around. At present, the official has not announced the closure of the city, but it has been rumored that all communities will be closed, and proof must be provided when going out. Just like when Wuhan closed the city, the news spread privately.

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Mr. Xu, who lives in the suburban county of Jilin, said in an interview that this wave of epidemics began to spread from school students. Every village has been controlled, but the control is not too strict, but people generally do not go out when it is not necessary.

He said that there were confirmed cases in the local area who had been to Jilin City People’s Hospital, so the village did a nucleic acid test for all staff.

Mr. Xu said that in the five or six days since the Jilin epidemic broke out, the people were generally not as panicked as the epidemic in the previous two years. Of course, they would still hoard some items. The price of vegetables fluctuated a little, but the price increase was not severe.

According to the local official notice, passenger trains departing from and stopping at Jilin Station will be temporarily suspended, and the waiting room of Jilin Station will be closed at the same time. (provided by respondents)

On March 6, a resident (female) of Liaodong Community, Changyi District, Jilin City told the Epoch Times reporter that the local train has been suspended, the expressway has also been blocked, and the express delivery has also been suspended. Nucleic acid is being carried out for all staff, but there is no official news of the closure of the city. Now the news is that the community will be closed.

She said that the impact on the lives of residents is still very large. The relatively large business districts in Jilin City are closed, the restaurants are basically closed, the city is suspended, and the phenomenon of rush shopping in supermarkets is also serious, but there is no shortage of materials, and there is no official receipt yet. Regarding the national home quarantine notice, the closure of many places is also equivalent to cutting off the economic source of Jilin citizens.

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She said: “Now I basically come out to stock up vegetables and fruits every day. The market in our community is still open, but some community markets have closed, and maybe only the supermarkets remain open.” “I haven’t found out yet. Prices have gone up a lot.”

A local lawyer surnamed Lan in Jilin told The Epoch Times that he left Jilin a few days before Jilin announced its first confirmed case (February 26) and has been to other parts of the mainland. It is still green, and the itinerary code changed color after Jilin announced the epidemic, but it has not affected his travel around the country.

He said that when he first arrived in Xinjiang, he was required to do a nucleic acid test when he got off the plane in Xinjiang, and then another nucleic acid test when he entered the hotel. Compared with other provinces, if lawyers handle cases, nucleic acid testing generally needs to be paid by themselves.

Not only does the epidemic in Jilin continue to spread, but the number of infected people in Shandong Province is also soaring.

According to the official report of the Chinese Communist Party, in the 24 hours on March 5, there were 175 new confirmed cases in mainland China, including 88 in Shandong, 20 in Guangdong, and 14 in Hebei. There were 127 new cases of local asymptomatic infection. (Note: The CCP has always concealed the truth of the epidemic, and the official data is questionable)

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