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[Front-line interview]Xi’an rushed to shut down the city for postgraduate entrance examination students shouting collapse | Xi’an shut down | Xi’an epidemic | One code

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[Epoch Times December 24, 2021](Interviews by Epoch Times reporters Gu Qing’er and Gu Xiaohua) The epidemic in Xi’an, Shaanxi, has been severe. The examinee felt quite helpless. Some students said that many people decided to abandon the postgraduate entrance examination due to interference in their studies.

As the number of confirmed cases continues to rise, Xi’an has added 41 medium-risk areas since the 24th. So far, the city has 1 high-risk area and 111 medium-risk areas.

On the evening of December 22, Xi’an announced the closure of the city. The communities and units in the city will implement closed control from 0:00 on the 23rd, and they will not leave the city if necessary. Those who leave Xi’an must not only hold a 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate, but also provide an official letter from the unit and approval procedures.

The 2022 mainland graduate student enrollment examination will be held from December 25th to 27th. The total number of applicants for the postgraduate examination in Shaanxi Province this year is nearly 170,000, of which about 135,000 are candidates in Xi’an. Affected by the epidemic, Xi’an has implemented traffic control, and some candidates from the other 10 cities (districts) who should take the exam in Xi’an cannot go to the original test center to take the exam.

On December 23, the Shaanxi Provincial Education Examination Institute issued an announcement stating that for different types of affected candidates, they should set up test centers on their behalf, borrow the test, and send the test to the door to achieve “all the tests”. As for candidates who should go to take the exam outside the province, but are still stranded in the middle and high-risk areas, they can apply for the exam.

According to the announcement, candidates applying for foreign loan examinations in Xi’an, the province, must submit their applications before 10 o’clock on the 23rd. However, the announcement was issued at 3 o’clock in the morning on the 23rd, and the deadline was 10 o’clock in the morning of the same day, so that candidates who were going to take the exam outside the province faced difficulties.

Liu Bifen (pseudonym), who is currently working in Xi’an, is preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination this year. She has to go to Baiyin City, Gansu Province to take the exam. Since Xi’an had more stringent conditions for leaving Shaanxi, she could only stay in Xi’an.

Liu Bifen told the Epoch Times reporter on the 23rd that she originally planned to return to Baiyin, Gansu Province to take the exam overnight on the 22nd. However, it would take 48 hours to get a nucleic acid result certificate from Shaanxi, and a street office certificate was required, but many units did not issue a certificate for fear of taking risks. “(22nd), I ran the street office three or four times in the afternoon, and the proof did not come down. The city was closed at 5 or 6 in the afternoon, and it was gone.”

Liu Bifen lives in Xiliu Street, Chang’an District. He was previously a low-risk area and did not meet the conditions of Xi’an. She applied to take the exam for the City College of Xi’an Jiaotong University, but the phone number of the college could not be reached.

At 12 noon on the 22nd, the Shaanxi Provincial Education Examination Institute issued a notice stating that candidates in the controlled community can apply to take the exam in Xi’an, and the deadline is at 2 pm on the same day.

“In just two hours, it takes a little time to prepare the materials. Besides, at 12 o’clock noon, everyone is eating, and it is possible to miss the news.” Liu Bifen said, she submitted a lot of application materials, and now borrows the test. The school did not respond.

Liu Bifen said that if the school you are applying for is not a college in Shaanxi Province, no one will take care of it. If you can’t get through, you can only abandon the exam. Now there are various situations, the situation is very complicated, and the plan given by the examination institute is very general, the operation time is tight, and everyone is very nervous.

The Epoch Times reporters made many calls to the Shaanxi Provincial Education Examination Institute, but were unable to get through.

Liu Bifen spent a lot of time preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. “I went to work by myself, and I was very tired at work, and I had to get up early to review it greedily, so this time it was a big blow and it was a breakdown,” she said.

Liu Bifen said that so many college students from all over the country participate in the postgraduate entrance examination every year, and everyone has prepared for a year and is exhausted. If the postgraduate entrance examination is postponed, the mentality of the candidates will collapse.

According to the Beijing News, Chen Jialin (pseudonym), a student at the Weishui campus of Chang’an University, said that due to the infection of some teachers in the school, the Weishui campus will be closed from 10 pm on the 14th. A residential area near the Weishui campus was classified as a high-risk area. Hotels around the school became isolated hotels, and many rooms reserved by postgraduate students were cancelled.

Another student from the Weishui campus of Chang’an University said that many people around him chose to abandon the postgraduate entrance examination due to the great disturbance in the pace of learning.

Ms. Cai, a teacher of a public school in Xianyang, Shaanxi, is going to the Chang’an campus of Shaanxi Normal University in Xi’an Chang’an District to take the postgraduate exam. She said that even if she can successfully arrive in Xi’an to take the exam, she will not be able to leave Xi’an in a short time. During this period, the accommodation of postgraduate students in Xi’an was also a big problem.

On the 21st, Ms. Cai received a notice from the Education Bureau of Qindu District, Xianyang City, stating that “Anyone who returns to school from Xi’an or other middle-high-risk areas, in addition to holding 3 negative nucleic acid test reports, and implements 14+7 isolation requirements. “

The “One Code Communication” system crashed and almost couldn’t return home

A local case occurred in Xi’an on December 9, and the city used “One Code Pass” as an electronic voucher for citizens to travel. On December 20, Xi’an’s “One Code Communication” system suffered a long-term breakdown, which blocked citizens’ travel and even some nucleic acid testing sites were forced to suspend.

Due to the breakdown of the “One-code-pass” system, buses and subways were unable to produce green codes and nucleic acid test reports, and local people had to line up to manually register their identities one by one. Someone chose to walk to the unit, but found that they could not enter the office building without “one yard”, and then walked home again, but could not enter the community.

Wang Xiaoqiang (pseudonym), who went to university in Xi’an, told The Epoch Times reporter that the school is now closed and he has to go back to Shanxi because of family problems. He left the school at 9 o’clock in the morning on the 20th. At that time, he did not find that the “One-yard-pass” system had broken down. After arriving at the station, the “One-yard-pass” system could not be opened and could not enter the station.

“I couldn’t get into the station, I just kept refreshing there. At 11 o’clock, I was very panic because I was the car at 12:6. I kept brushing and brushing, but I didn’t get it. Now the school is closed, enter the station I can’t get in, I can’t go back to school, so I’m very anxious.” Wang Xiaoqiang said.

Wang Xiaoqiang reluctantly chose to refund the ticket, and then went to a nearby hospital for another nucleic acid test and waited for the test result. At about one o’clock in the afternoon that day, the “one-yard pass” resumed, and he hurriedly bought the next high-speed rail ticket to leave Xi’an. He is currently quarantined in a hotel in Shanxi for 14 days. When the quarantine ended, his school was also closed.

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