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[Frontline Interview]Difficulties in self-rescue under the bridge over a thousand people trapped in the floods in Zhengzhou | Thousands trapped | Heavy rain |

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[Epoch Times, July 21, 2021](Interviewed by Epoch Times reporters Gu Xiaohua and Lin Cenxin) On July 20, an unprecedented flood occurred in Zhengzhou. At night, there was no water or electricity in the urban area, and it became a water town Zeguo everywhere, with netizens. The news was urgently forwarded, and nearly a thousand people were trapped under the express road bridge on the south side of the third phase of the Louvre Mansion in Xinli. The situation was urgent. The reporter contacted the victims on the morning of the 21st, and they said this was “an experience that they have never experienced in a lifetime.”

The landlord is unwilling to take responsibility for driving out tenants despite the flood

Song Lin (pseudonym), a citizen of Zhengzhou, said that their group of people are all foreigners working in Zhengzhou, and there are about one hundred households. They rented a house in Linangang Village, Zhengzhou City. On the morning of the 20th, when the heavy rain started, the landlord drove them out, saying that it was not safe for them to hide in the house. They were worried that the house would collapse or drown people. I couldn’t afford it, so I drove them all out. In the heavy rain, everyone went to the nearby Meilan Holiday Hotel to take shelter.

Another citizen, Zhang Yang (pseudonym), said that when they went from the rental house to the hotel to take shelter from the rain from 10 am to 11 am on the 20th, the rain was so heavy that it destroyed a nearby bridge and flooded with water. When the woman accidentally stepped on the air, the water rushed over and was almost washed away. Fortunately, she grabbed a wire and everyone hurriedly rescued her.

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The hotel was out of power and said that it could not be taken in by the government

“At that time, it was raining heavily outside, and we were at Meilan Holiday Hotel, unable to move.” But at night, the hotel was completely blacked out and the first floor was flooded. The hotel wanted to drive them away.

Zhang Yang said, “At ten or eleven o’clock in the evening, the hotel said that it received a call from the government saying that we would not be allowed to stay in the hotel. I might be afraid that if something unexpected happens, the hotel will not be able to take this responsibility because we We didn’t open a room to live, just sheltering us from the rain, which drove us all out.”

At that time, when they were driven out, it was pitch black outside, and the water on the street had already flooded their chests.

Old and weak women and children in the dark in the water are all people under the elevated elevated

“When we came out of the hotel to the street, the water level on the street was deeper, and the water on the street reached my chest. Then we ran over and went under the viaduct to hide from the rain. I was 1.8 meters tall at that time. The situation was really terrible. At that time, more than one hundred people came out of the hotel.” Zhang Yang said.

Zhang Yang and Song Lin walked in front with flashlights, and the people behind stood in a line. Some young people walked by themselves, and some parents held their children and raised them as high as possible. The old man also raised his neck, supported him, and walked under the viaduct.

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At that time, several groups of people came out one after another in the nearby residential buildings. “In the end, the entire viaduct was full of people, nearly a thousand people.”

Asking for help from the government, no response is all on private self-help

“Stayed under the viaduct until more than two o’clock in the morning. The temperature dropped at night and it was extremely cold. The clothes on their bodies were all wet, sticking to them, and exhausted.” Zhang Yang said, they have been calling the mayor’s hotline, 120 and 129 all night. There is also 12345. Anyway, all of them can be played, but they can’t get through. All the lines are busy.

Finally, on the Longhai Elevation, I saw a rescue vehicle passing by with sirens. The people under the viaduct shouted vigorously. As a result, the rescue vehicle drove away. They picked up the flashlight and shook it vigorously. As a result, there was a room near the elevated bridge. The shop owner, seeing their distress lights and carrying the lighting power, went over and took them next.

At that time, the whole area had become a muddy and swamp, and their legs had sunk into the swamp from time to time, and finally reached the boss’ warehouse with difficulty, squeezing more than 300 people into it. Everyone can only stand, unable to accommodate, and then go to another shop next door to discuss and help evacuate. In the process, they did not receive any government assistance, and they had to rely on the victims to save themselves.

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Lack of food and warm clothing, worrying about the death of other colleagues

Zhang Yang said that they sent help messages to WeChat and contacted some friends and volunteers. They couldn’t get by in a car, so they could only come on foot and delivered a few boxes of instant noodles and dry food. Everyone only ate a little, and everyone hadn’t slept for 24 hours.

Zhang Yang told reporters, “The help we need most now is food, and some warm clothes, for the elderly and children, and some cold medicine, because many people here already have colds. Then, it’s better to pay back. Can you find a place for us to rest. We haven’t slept since 7 or 8 o’clock yesterday morning.”

Song Lin said that what he is most worried about now is that there may be people who have not been rescued. “In addition, some of my colleagues are still on the Eighth Avenue. I had already asked someone to send a message last night and wanted to find a crane, because we are now worried that my colleagues will not be rescued. Will not come out in the car, has died in the car.”

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