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[Frontline Interview]Epidemic locks down residents of Inner Mongolia: lack of food | CCP virus | Inner Mongolia epidemic | Self-driving tour

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[Epoch Times October 27, 2021](Interviewed by Epoch Times reporters Hong Ning, Gu Xiaohua and Zhao Fenghua) The new crown virus is spreading across China. The Ejina Banner of the Alashan League in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has become the center of the latest round of the epidemic. Due to the lockdown of the epidemic, local residents lacked food. In addition, tens of thousands of tourists were stranded in the epidemic area and were in a difficult situation.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Health Commission issued a notice on October 27, stating that between 0-24:00 on October 26, 59 new cases were confirmed in Mainland China and 50 cases were confirmed locally. Among them, 32 cases were newly added in Inner Mongolia (31 cases in Alxa League and 1 case in Xilin Gol League). Dalaihubu Town in Ejina Banner of Alxa League in Inner Mongolia was adjusted to a high-risk area. Since the CCP’s epidemic monitoring system is not transparent, the actual data has yet to be verified.

Tourist: I don’t know when I can go home

Tourist Mr. Wu (pseudonym) and his friends arrived in Ejin Banner on the evening of the 17th. He revealed in an interview with the Epoch Times reporter on the 27th that he was quarantined for the second time. He was from Wuhan. He was also from Wuhan last year. The epidemic has been in isolation for more than a month, and this time I will go through the isolation again, and I feel helpless.

Mr. Wu said: “We arrived at 9 o’clock in the evening on the 17th, and said at 9 o’clock in the morning on the 18th, we can’t get out, until now.”

Mr. Wu expressed concern and did not know how long he would stay.

“At that time, we were living in the B&B in Heishui City. We must be a little worried because I am from Wuhan. After the first wave of the epidemic, I was detained for more than a month. So I think this time should be longer. .”He said.

“At that time, I came out of Wuhan before the city was closed, but after I arrived in Nanchang, I couldn’t leave. I was quarantined in that hotel in Nanchang for more than a month, all at my own expense.”

He said that the situation is getting more and more difficult due to the blockade of the epidemic in Ejina Banner.

Mr. Wu said: “Starting from the 19th, you cannot leave Ejina Banner, but you go out for a nucleic acid test every 48 hours. By the early morning of the 25th, a foot ban was issued. You can’t leave the hotel.”

Mr. Wu said that the problem of food is becoming more and more difficult to solve.

He said: “Starting on the 21st, the government will give you a free box lunch every day. The rest is our own takeaway. But now there are fewer and fewer takeaways. Because those restaurants have fewer and fewer ingredients. Can’t buy it now.”

“Before the 25th, I had a nucleic acid test every 48 hours, and I would purchase something to bring back. I did the fifth nucleic acid test yesterday, which was done on site.”

Mr. Wu said that during the period of stay, the accommodation fee is at his own expense. “The hotel stayed at now is 190. At the beginning, it was 520 on the first day, 300 on the second day, and 19 on the third day until now. Because of the government. The price limit is less than two hundred.”

Mr. Wu said that some tourists were diagnosed during their stay. “Tourists had a confirmed case yesterday and it was from Dongguan.”

Mr. Wu said that he did not know how long he needed to stay in the epidemic area. “There was no telling how many days to stay in the hotel at all.”

Mr. Wu said that he hopes the government can help solve the problem of food and accommodation. “If this goes on, the contradiction may become more and more acute, because the restaurants outside can no longer buy food. Supermarkets will not open from the 25th. Except for the government. The designated ones involve the oily noodles.”

Mr. Wu said that the town was full of stranded tourists. He said: “There are more than 10,000 people, I guess they are almost full.”

Mr. Wu expressed helplessness about the current situation, “The spirit is a bit depressed, but there is no way.” He said that tourists all have the same wish, that is, to go home as soon as possible.

Resident: I haven’t had food for more than ten days after the lockdown!

In an interview with Epoch Times reporters on the 27th, Mr. Li, a resident of the Ximen City of Populus Garden in Ejina Banner, said that the area had been blocked for more than ten days.

Mr. Li said: “It has been closed for nearly ten days, and no entry and exit are allowed. All are isolated at home. A few days ago, an 8th grade student in Qi Middle School was diagnosed. Now most of the diagnosed are locals.”

“The whole banner school has been closed since October 17. The factories and shops have been closed, and no one will let out.” He said, “Cekou Port is mainly for importing coal, and it is now tightly sealed.”

Mr. Bai, a resident near Ejina Banner Elementary School, said in an interview with Epoch Times on the 27th that a student at the local school was diagnosed.

Mr. Bai said: “There are two confirmed students, one in the third grade and the other in the sixth grade. They are just the trajectory of activities. We don’t know where the source is.”

Mr. Bai said that under the continued lockdown, there is no more food at home.

“We have been closed for more than a week. When we first closed, we went out and bought some. There was no food at home a few days ago. Only today did we receive a handful of vegetables from the government. There is no way.”

The reporter called the Ejina Banner CDC, but no one answered the call.

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