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[Frontline Interview]School Explosion Omicron Closes the City in Anyang, Henan | Omicron | The Epoch Times

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[The Epoch Times, January 18, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Lin Cenxin and Hong Ning interviewed and reported) The Omicron variant has spread widely in Anyang, Henan Province. In the past 48 hours, the authorities have expanded the lockdown again. control area. Local people told reporters that 260 teachers and students were infected at Tangyin Yucai School alone, more than double the official figure.

In the past few days, the area of ​​closure and control in Anyang City has continued to expand. On the 15th and 16th, the Anyang City Prevention and Control Headquarters issued documents No. 7 and No. 8 in succession, placing Dongguan Street and Zhonghua Road Street in Wenfeng District, Anyang City under the jurisdiction of In some communities, three places in Tangyin County are included in the closed control area. Residents were asked to “stay at home”, and people’s doors were tied with wire.

Tangyin County has become the hardest hit area of ​​the epidemic

According to statistics from Anyang News Network on January 17, among the 165 cases in Anyang City that have announced their activity trajectories, more than 130 teachers and students were involved in the cases of Tangyin Yucai School.

Mr. Lin, a resident of Tangyin County, told The Epoch Times on January 17 that the number of people infected in the school is not only the above figure, but doubled. Some of the younger children were brought back.”

On December 28, 2021, a college student who returned to Anyang City, Henan Province from Jinnan District, Tianjin, became the source of the outbreak in Omicron, Anyang City. The college student’s sister worked as a teacher in the high school department of Yucai School in Tangyin County, which further contributed to the outbreak. diffusion.

Mr. Lin said that Tangyin County is currently the hardest hit area of ​​the epidemic, “We are very serious here! (Yucai) There are more than 4,000 students in the school, and it was his sister who brought the virus to the school. My sister is a teacher in the high school department. In the high school department, most of them are students over the age of 16 (infection). The younger children are fine, and all the students in the school are taken away and quarantined.”

Online video showed that bus after bus pulled students to the School of Medicine and Health of Anyang Vocational and Technical College for isolation. Mr. Lin said, “(Teachers and students) are all isolated in the school, but because there are too many people, they can’t be accommodated here. They were sent to Anyang City and other places, and some people from the entire community were taken away, which has a wider impact. “

Omicron Invasion Rapidly Spreads in School Community

The Omicron strain spread rapidly in Anyang City, Mr. Lin said, “Omicron is not as serious as it was in Wuhan, but it spreads quickly and gets better quickly. The symptoms are not serious, just like a common cold, but there are no sequelae. I don’t know.” The people in the village have received at least two doses of the vaccine. “We have all had the second shot of the vaccine, and the third shot has not been shot yet. Some people have already been shot, and they are also infected.”

Mr. Lin said that there were no obvious symptoms, and he encountered a holiday again, which led to the spread of the virus to the community. “The student came back on the 28th (December), just in time for the holiday on January 1st. The children in the school (Yucai) scattered. It spread very quickly in various communities and villages.”

Anyang City has been closed since January 8, and the prevention and control measures have been escalating. Mr. Lin said, “We have done nucleic acid (testing) nine times, and tomorrow will start three times in two days, which has increased! Stay at home every day and wait. Make nucleic acids.”

Yu Zujiang, head of the medical treatment team of the Fifth Hospital of Anyang City, Henan Province, told the media that the contagiousness and virus replication rate of the Omikron virus are much higher than that of the delta virus, and it is more hidden and unpredictable. The degree of difficulty of fighting is far higher than that of the delta virus.”

As of 9:00 a.m. on January 17, Yucai Middle School in Tangyin County, Anyang City, and Guxian Town, Tangyin County were listed as high-risk areas, Wenfeng District, Jinhe Street, Jinhe Street, Huaxian County, Jinhe Academy Talent Apartment, Anshang Mansion East District, Yuanliu Village, Liucun Township, Neihuang County, and Tangyin County are all adjusted to medium-risk areas.

Anti-proliferation towns near Anyang begin blockade

“Every area under Anyang’s jurisdiction is blocked.” Mr. Jiang, a citizen of Shuiye Town, Anyang told The Epoch Times on January 17, “Shuiye Town has been closed today, and the community is not allowed to enter or leave. There are more than 300,000 people. We have not heard of confirmed cases in this town, but they are all closed. In order to prevent all people from moving, businesses, shops, and lives have been affected.”

According to Mr. Jiang, Shuiye Town, which is located in the west of Anyang City, “is an industrial town. There are basically no peasant households. If people are not allowed to go out, the enterprises must be closed and must be closed.”

Mr. Jiang said that the common people are worried about facing a long-term blockade. “I think this epidemic is artificially controlled. It is very strange. Why is this happening? The common people dare not say it.” If it stays closed for a long time, anything can happen.”

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