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[Frontline interviews]Tianjin officials posed for “New Year’s goods” to provoke public anger | Epidemic | Closed and Controlled Community | Chinese New Year

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[The Epoch Times, January 28, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Gu Xiaohua and Gao Miao interviewed and reported) On January 26, officials from Xianshuigu Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin went to the closed community to take pictures to deliver “New Year’s goods”, and published them in newspapers for publicity. , causing residents to gather to protest.

According to a report from Beibu.com on the 26th, as the New Year is approaching, more than 9,000 residents of Fengda Park, Xianshuigu Town, Jinnan District, which are still under lockdown, are busy buying New Year’s goods, plus “supplied materials” and gifts from relatives and friends. The materials given to them, more than 5,000 pieces of various materials, about 60,000 kilograms, are transported into the community every day.

According to the report, the sinking cadres from the Municipal Transportation Commission and other units deployed material connection, site layout and post-distribution optimization measures in a timely manner to deliver New Year’s goods and living materials to residents’ doorsteps. Moreover, the cadres of the Transportation Committee also donated the living materials provided by the superior department to the community residents as “New Year’s goods”.

In addition, Zhu Guanming, the deputy mayor of Xianshuigu Town, led a team to visit the poor people in the community on the 26th, and sent them “New Year’s goods” such as milk, fruits, and pasta donated by the sinking cadres, as well as masks and other epidemic prevention materials.

Chinese media’s false reports sparked protests from residents

After the report came out, an owner named “SusAn Demon King” immediately posted a question on Weibo asking, Mr. Deputy Mayor of Xianshuigu, are the so-called donated fruits, milk, pasta and other New Year’s goods evaporated out of thin air? No one in the entire community or even the entire community has heard that you have given the above items. Moreover, the daily necessities and New Year’s goods in the reported pictures were purchased by the owners themselves in the WeChat group by contacting the merchants, and there is no so-called donated materials at all.

The resident also criticized that volunteers have been helping to deliver supplies all the time, but the leaders of your group have come to take pictures and do a face project after the lockdown has been lifted.

The Epoch Times reporter learned that this netizen was interviewed by the then district mayor and the court president for posting on Weibo, and all his social platforms have been monitored, “This matter is fermenting too fast, I don’t want to I’m causing trouble for myself, I’m afraid I can’t eat and walk around.”

For this reason, some residents also stated in the “Report to Fengda Garden Volunteer Colleagues”, “I never imagined that in this small Fengda Garden, someone would do such brazen things in an attempt to steal the people’s lives. The fruits of labor!” The so-called “sinking cadres” came to the community for just half a day to pose for a photo, and the news media boasted that they were like saviors. However, the volunteers who really worked hard for the residents of the community for 18 days were expelled home after being exhausted. The residents should ask for an explanation for the volunteers.

On the 27th, Wang Yang (pseudonym), the owner of Fengdayuan Community, told the Epoch Times reporter that the incident made the entire community very angry. At 9 p.m. that night, no less than a hundred people gathered in the community office area and waited for the leaders to come. The leaders were surrounded. Other residents also shouted slogans upstairs: “Volunteers come on! Support the volunteers!”

He said that there were two police cars, with about seven or eight people, to protect the official, for fear that the official would be beaten. Although the residents did not conflict with the leader in the end, the leader did not give a statement on the grounds that he did not know, and then dispersed after 10 o’clock in the evening. Today, “another police car came to patrol to prevent us from going downstairs and gathering to denounce them again. Now we can’t go downstairs.”

Wang Yang emphasized that the community has been closed since January 8, and today is the 20th day. From the beginning to the end, it has not received any materials from the government. The owners bought high-priced dishes by themselves, and the price doubled. “The communities that were sealed later received them, but we didn’t have the ones sealed before. Since the news can report like this, saying that there are such materials, then we want to ask where the materials have gone.”

Liu Ye (pseudonym), the owner of the Xintaoyuan Community next to Fengdayuan, also told The Epoch Times that this was due to the state’s dispatch of cadres to grab volunteers. The volunteers served well before, but when the sinking cadres arrived, rice could not be delivered, and the eggs were broken when they arrived home, and they did not serve the residents better. Moreover, “we did not receive the support materials they advertised in public opinion.”

Liu Ye also said that after the Fengdayuan incident, “they sent us blessing characters and couplets overnight”, but “to be honest, we don’t need these things, and we are especially grateful for the volunteers who sent us vegetables. You (the government) ) Send us some paper, who is out of paper at this time, isn’t this a show?!”

Liu Ye also complained that she has been quarantined at home for 19 days, and she can’t go to work. She doesn’t know if she has wages, and she has to pay her mortgage monthly. “This is so immoral.”

The Epoch Times reporter called the Fengdayuan community to learn about the incident, but could not get through.

Volunteer: The leader came to check, and the sinking cadre went downstairs to work for the first time

Since the outbreak, the mainland authorities have implemented strict lockdowns. After the outbreak of the epidemic in many communities, residents were “grounded”, and even the purchase of daily necessities had to rely on volunteers to deliver them. Eighty percent of the volunteers in Jinnan District, Tianjin were from college students.

According to what the Epoch Times reporter learned from Volunteer A, the so-called sinking cadres were sent from the city and the district. He said that they actually came on the 10th, but those sent by the district didn’t work, they only slept. Then yesterday (26th) the leaders came to check. They went downstairs for the first time to work. There were about 100 people yesterday. , and later, “notify us (volunteers) at one or two o’clock that they will not be allowed to work.”

Another volunteer B added that the city sent those people to leave in the morning, and after the people who replaced them came in the afternoon, “they threw all our volunteers’ belongings into the corridor, and when we came back, the house next door had already been destroyed. There are ten people living in it.” However, Volunteer B and some others did not leave and continued to work as volunteers in the community.

According to A, there are about 150 volunteers in Fengda Garden. They help with nucleic acid preparation, vegetables and supplies every day, and the front desk is responsible for distributing protective clothing, and the medical team is responsible for purchasing medicines for residents. Because in a community of more than 10,000 people, it takes about tens of thousands of kilograms to deliver supplies a day.

A said that when the community was first closed, the management was very chaotic, and no one arranged work, so he could only put on protective clothing and go out to see where manpower was needed, and “my friend and I were staring at hundreds of people doing nucleic acid. It has been icy outside for a few hours and no one has come to replace the shift.” Now what everyone does, each group has been determined.

A told that when they were delivering food, they met an 80-year-old man whose children did not live in the community and could not enter the community. Moreover, he didn’t have a phone at home, so he couldn’t get in touch with his children. He was too hungry. “Just come out and give us some money and let us get us something to eat.”

A introduced that this is a relocated community, and the population of the community is seriously aging. In addition, due to the long-term closure, the residents were in a bad mood, and some people ran out. In order to prevent them from coming out, there were volunteers watching from each downstairs, and there were also police watching at the gate of the community.

A finally said that through this volunteering, I felt that this society is “the golden belt of murder and arson, and bridges and roads are repaired without corpses”. , there are many injustices. But when they do this, they only hope to contribute a little to the common people.

According to news released by Tianjin on the WeChat public account, since January 8, as of 18:00 on January 25, Jinnan District has reported a total of 348 cases of local positive infections. The number of new cases has been in the single digits for four consecutive days. The Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced that from 0:00 on January 26, 25 closed buildings and 13 controlled communities will be released in Jinnan District. Among them, Fengda Garden in Xianshuigu Town has been adjusted to a closed area, and Xin Taoyuan is a prevention area.

Responsible editor: Gao Jing#

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