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Frostfall | Frost in Shencheng is still far away, it is a good time for autumn light_City Life_Xinmin.com

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Frostfall | Frost in Shencheng is still far away, it is a good time for autumn light_City Life_Xinmin.com

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Ma Dan) Today officially entered the “Frostfall” in the twenty-four solar terms. This is the last autumn solar term. Compared with the previous solar terms, the frostfall sounds more cold, and the “Monitoring of the Seventy-two Hours of the Moon” indeed describes the characteristics of this solar term as follows: “The qi is condensed and condensed, and the dew becomes frost.” After the frost fell, the weather continued to turn cold, and the dew condensed into frost. Folks believe that frost is a solar term in the transition from autumn to winter. However, this statement is more in line with the climatic characteristics of North China. For Shanghai, not only is the frost still far away at this time, but winter is even more “distant”. At this time of the year, Shencheng is immersed in the pleasant autumn colors, the autumn air is refreshing, and the cinnamon is intoxicating.

Frost is the white brittle ice crystals that the water vapor in the air near the ground layer directly condenses on the ground or ground objects with a temperature below 0 °C. Sometimes, the water vapor will condense first and form ice beads, also a type of frost, when the temperature drops below 0°C. Frost usually occurs at night or in the early morning when there is no cloud, still or light wind, and sometimes in the evening and day. The first frost that occurs in autumn is called the first frost. The appearance of frost indicates that the minimum ground temperature has reached below 0℃, which will have a certain impact on crops. Therefore, the earlier the first frost, the greater the damage to crops. Usually, the first frost in Shanghai does not appear until the second to third solar terms after the frost, that is to say, usually in the middle and late November, when the maple leaves start to turn red, it is the first frost. .

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In the “Frostfall” solar term, Shanghai is characterized by high autumn and cool air. The temperature is mostly between 13 and 21 °C. The highest temperature during the day rarely exceeds 25 °C, and it is cooler in the morning and evening. As the cold air increases southward, there are often strong winds and cooling weather, so there is a saying that “cold dew is not cold, frost has changed the sky”. For example, a new weak cold air from the north arrived in Shencheng today. Under the control of the cold air mass, the minimum temperature in the city will drop to 15 ℃ tomorrow and the day after, and the maximum temperature will drop to about 20 ℃. In the middle of next week, there will be more clouds in the city’s sky, and the temperature will be stable, but at the end of the month, cold air will appear with weak precipitation, and the temperature will fluctuate slightly.

During the Frostfall and the solar term, as the temperature drops and the leaves are frosted, maple, sumac and other trees are red all over the mountains and fields. Climbing high and looking into the distance has become one of the main leisure activities for people. In the south, there is a custom of drinking and enjoying chrysanthemums. There is also a saying in the proverb that “it is better to make up for frost in one year than to make up for frost”, which refers to the fact that people often take supplements and “post autumn fat” during the frost and fall. For example, northerners eat beef to keep out the cold, while southerners, especially those in southern Fujian People in the area like to eat duck meat for tonic.

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