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Frustration with decisions: joint municipality wants to change district | > – News – Lower Saxony

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Frustration with decisions: joint municipality wants to change district |  > – News – Lower Saxony

As of: March 4, 2024 5:35 p.m

Deep frustration in Bodenwerder-Polle: The joint municipality wants to leave the Holzminden district and move to the neighboring Hameln-Pyrmont district. The background is, among other things, a planned school closure.

The council of the joint municipality of Bodenwerder-Polle, which has around 15,000 inhabitants, has commissioned Mayor Sebastian Rode (SPD) to hold corresponding discussions with the Hameln-Pyrmont district. The collective community has felt neglected by the Holzminden district for a long time, Rode told NDR Lower Saxony.

Anger over school bus cancellations and planned school closures

The background is a long list of points of contention – such as the permanent failure of school buses in the region. Apparently the final straw was the Holzminden district’s decision made at the end of February to close the high school in Bodenwerder in August 2028. The way this was discussed in the committee and in the district council was not okay, said Rode. Among other things, questions were not answered. “We can’t leave it like this and that’s why we’re taking a different approach now,” the mayor told NDR Lower Saxony.

Holzminden’s district administrator: “High hurdles for transferring”

Holzminden’s district administrator Michael Schünemann (independent) responded in writing. Schünemann said he understands the discontent in Bodenwerder-Polle. But part of democracy is being able to accept unpleasant decisions. There are high legal hurdles for moving to the neighboring district. These are not in the hands of the joint municipality, but in those of the two districts and the local authority.

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Hameln-Pyrmont open for discussions

According to District Administrator Dirk Adomat (SPD), the Hameln-Pyrmont district has not yet received an official request from the municipality. But he was open to discussions, Adomat told NDR Lower Saxony. At the same time, he points out: If the small district of Holzminden were to lose its residents, it would itself be in danger. “It would then have to be added somewhere else – or it would have to be restructured in some way,” says Adomat.

Further information

The Holzminden district council decided this. Students, students and parents protested against the plans. (02/27/2024) more

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