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FS help center: over 473 thousand assistance interventions for people in difficulty

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In 2020, over 473 thousand assistance interventions for people in difficulty were carried out by the 18 Help centers, listening, orientation and social assistance counters present in Italian railway stations. In the year of the Covid-19 emergency, in the face of a reduction in the number of interventions compared to 2019 due not only to the pandemic, but also to the temporary closure of some services and the forced limitation of travel, requests for goods have increased by 2% of first necessity. Given that emerge from the report of the Observatory of solidarity in Italian stations (Onds) presented in a streaming event at the Auditorium Villa Patrizi, headquarters of the Italian Fa Group, in the presence of the Minister of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility Enrico Giovannini, to the president of Anci National Council Enzo Bianco, the chief Institutional and regulatory affair officer Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Francesco Parlato and Anna Maria Morrone, head of Organization and people development Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

Over 15 thousand people assisted

In 2020, 15,676 people contacted the Help centers of the network (-30% compared to 2019). The people who for the first time were taken care of by the network station social services, although they decreased in absolute value (- 37% compared to 2019), still exceed 52% of total users. There was a significant increase in Italian citizens who requested assistance, from 24% in 2019 to 28% (4,089) in 2020.

Especially foreigners in need

The largest number of people in need who requested assistance is represented by foreigners: in 2020 there were 11,587. Of these, 1,405 EU citizens (9%) and 9,255 non-EU citizens (63%). Men remain the majority: 12,540 (82%) of users; 2,758 women (18%) and 26 transgender people.

Meals, blankets and clothes are also distributed

The report certifies that in 2020 there were about 49 thousand social support and orientation interventions and over 424 thousand “low threshold” interventions (distribution of meals, blankets, clothes and basic necessities) for a total of 473 thousand assistance interventions (-9%) compared to 2019, due in particular to a 52% reduction in social orientation interventions and a 2% increase in low-threshold interventions, despite the decline in users.

There are 18 help centers

Currently, the Solidarity Network includes 18 Help Centers, listening desks located inside or in the neighboring areas of the railway stations that guide people in difficulty towards the social services of the city (reception centers, therapeutic communities, specialized associations) to develop paths targeted recovery and social reintegration. The premises are granted on loan for free use by FS Italiane and are managed by local associations for social purposes, in agreement with the municipalities.

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