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Fulvio Risuleo tells a scene from Ghost Night (Video)

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Fulvio Risuleo tells a scene from Ghost Night (Video)

“This scene is shot as a single take, it is one of the most important because it triggers the story,” says Flavio Risuleo, director of Ghost night. “The idea is to create a noir, so all the atmospheres, the music, the sound, the colours, the light, the shots must go in a single strong direction, which is that of the emotional suggestion of the night”.

The film, in Italian cinemas from November 17, tells of a Saturday evening in which the young Tarek (Yothin Clavenzani) is about to spend time with his friends. Before meeting them, however, he decides to go to the park to buy a few grams of smoke. Immediately afterwards a policeman (Edoardo Pesce) stops him and forces him to follow him. Tarek thus witnesses fights, chases and escapes for the whole night. With the arrival of dawn, however, the roles could reverse.

Fulvio Risuleo is an Italian director and screenwriter. His latest film is The hit of the dog (2019).

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