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Fundación Tesãi with pre-admission exams of applicants for positions in Itaipú

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Fundación Tesãi with pre-admission exams of applicants for positions in Itaipú

This is the first year that the Fundación Tesãi is part of the Binacional’s external selection process.

*Support in infrastructure, specialists and clinical and laboratory studies under the supervision of the Occupational Medicine Division of Itaipu Binacional.

For the first time, the Area 2 Hospital of the Tesãi Foundation performs pre-admission medical check-ups for young applicants for the Itaipu Binacional External Selection Process 2023, which seeks to fill 220 vacancies at different levels of the Entity, right bank.

Mr. Víctor Álvarez, head of the Department of User Welfare, said that the check-ups have three stages, the clinical, laboratory and speech therapy area, with requirements that must be compulsorily met and will last one week.

“We are supporting Itaipu’s Occupational Medicine Division, as Tesãi we are collaborating with colleagues from User Well-being, Gastronomy, Laboratory, Nursing professionals, Information Technology, in addition to specialists in different areas”, he explained.

He went on to say, “The studies include blood extraction, laboratory, vital signs with nursing, clinical examination, as well as audiometry studies,” remarked the professional.

Until Saturday July 1

The attention will be from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. from this Monday, June 26 to Saturday, July 1, being the first year that the Tesãi Foundation is part of the external selection process of the Binational. “We always did the admissions, but this is the pre-admission. Everything was going to Asunción, but this year we already got involved as an institution, thanks to the efforts of our managers and the support and trust of Itaipu”, he indicated.

Pre-admission checks

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We talked with Dr. Félix Ortiz, manager of the Itaipu Binacional Occupational Medicine Division, about the occupational medical examinations and evaluations of young applicants for the Itaipu Binacional External Selection Process.

“They are pre-admission medical checks on the applicants who are shortlisted for each position. There are three people shortlisted for each vacancy that Itaipu is trying to fill with new employees”, he stated.

These exams are mandatory since it is part of Itaipu Binacional’s new employee hiring scheme, “we are also bound by regulations of the Ministry of Labor and current labor laws, as well as everything related to Itaipu’s external selection process that it is recognized by quality certification, international ISO standard”, indicated Dr. Ortiz.

350 young people in Ciudad del Este

Throughout the week, 350 young people, on average 60 per day, will pass through the Fundación Tesãi, distributing this same pre-admission scheme in Asunción and Ciudad del Este.

“This contest is for 220 positions, which means that there are 660 shortlisted people left, distributing half and half in Ciudad del Este and Asunción. This goes until Saturday, on Sunday we will already be sending the results with our pertinent observations to the area in charge”, he concluded.

To all this stage is added the occupational psychotechnical test that will be carried out in the Area of ​​the Itaipu Binacional Occupational Medicine Division, which is also scheduled for the whole week.

“We are excited”

Mónica Nila Blagchandini Escobar, candidate for Ciudad del Este in the External Selection Process, was enthusiastic and optimistic. “We are all very eager to move, God willing, to the Itaipu Binacional team itself. Now the psychotechnician awaits us, ”she stressed.

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“There is transparency, we are very confident”

For his part, Denis Fabian Florentín Martínez, another young applicant, said that the process is extremely transparent, which gives them peace of mind. “We are confident in the process, there are equal conditions, we hope that it will go as planned, we will try to control anxiety, the last stage would be the interview,” he said.

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