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Fundapdmotriz seeks to raise awareness about disability

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Fundapdmotriz seeks to raise awareness about disability

The foundation has registered 60 people with different disabilities.

Tibisay Bolívar, president of Fundapdmotriz, Monagas indicated that the idea of ​​creating this Association arose from a group of mothers who felt the need to promote respect for spaces for people with disabilities, since there was no citizen awareness.

Bolívar was the guest on La Verdad Radio TV, which is broadcast through Sonora 99.3 FM y Monagas Visioncon Velandia Starwhere he pointed out that last week they held the first forum for people with disabilities at the UDO facilities, which had the participation of 14 speakers.

He stressed that the foundation has registered 60 people with different disabilities, who constantly participate in awareness days that are carried out for the community, which in this case is represented by the child and his family who are also affected by having the weight of this difficulty. Therefore, comprehensive care is handled that covers the entire environment.

“Awareness is brought to different levels of society,” he said.

He explained that children with motor difficulties are part of the objective and the concern at the educational level, because when they leave sixth grade they are prevented in many educational sectors from continuing to advance to the next grade, despite the fact that the law establishes that they must be allowed to complete all education levels, but it is a right that is disrespected.

“In schools they say that they do not reach the required skills to go to the next level, so they are withdrawn,” he added.

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He specified that the state does not have a child paralysis center, being so necessary for the many cases that exist.

He noted that within his proposals are to enable classrooms for young people with a slower level to receive the necessary education, it is a necessary task for this type of case.

Bolívar stated that strategic links are being made with other foundations that serve the autism spectrum and that they are willing to provide the required support, also with those who have Asperger’s, since the intention is to promote not living with bullying.

He added that there is never a lack of sponsors who take the work further, so that they never lack the medicines that their disability requires, among them is the volunteering of companies Polar, Conciencia Ciudadana, Moteros Lama, the DRS who with the request and the report necessary they also provide it.

“Their treatment is very important, because when they do not receive it they reach the crisis, they suffer from anxiety, aggressiveness, thus intensifying their suffering, the invitation is always for everyone who can to join,” he said.

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Tibisay Bolívar, president of Fundapdmotriz.

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