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Gagged injured man found in Deurne: police arrest three suspects (Antwerp)

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Deurne –

The Antwerp police arrested three suspects on Sunday evening because they may have been involved in serious violence in a building in Van Loenhoutstraat in Deurne. The victim, who was found gagged on the street, was taken to hospital with injuries.

Sunday, February 25, 2024 at 10:38 PM

The Antwerp police were called to Van Loenoutstraat in Deurne on Sunday evening around 8:30 PM because a man was said to be in distress. When they arrived at the scene, police officers found a man with his hands and feet gagged. The injured victim is said to have escaped from a nearby building where he was probably being held.

“The victim received the first necessary medical care on the spot,” said Wouter Bruyns, spokesperson for the Antwerp police zone. “The victim was then transferred to hospital. The police found three people who are suspected of being involved in the crimes. They have been arrested.”

Police have set up a perimeter to investigate what happened inside the building. “In the interest of the investigation, we limit ourselves to this information,” the police said. (vdaa)

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