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Gallery: In the Haapsalu Cathedral, those who fell for Estonia were remembered

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Gallery: In the Haapsalu Cathedral, those who fell for Estonia were remembered

Photo by Kaire Reiljan

The Republic Day celebration in Haapsalu started with a concert service in Haapsalu Cathedral.

To the accompaniment of the flag song, the flags of Läänemaa and the city of Haapsalu, state institutions and schools were brought into the church, and songs from the Haapsalu boys’ choir were performed under the direction of Kadri Kelner.

The mayor of Haapsalu, Urmas Sukles, reminded in the cathedral that the possibility of Estonia falling under the enemy’s sword has never been greater than it is now. „We have gone through great trials, but we have always come out of them. We will also come out of the current difficult times stronger,†Sukles said.

Angela Meeles, the winner of the speech competition of the Länemaa Public High School, 11th grade student Angela Meeles said in her speech that although there are problems and areas of concern in our country, Estonia is still our country. “Estonia has a huge number of places that you can, or even should, appreciate,†Meeles said and mentioned the Estonian language, our education system and breathtaking nature.

Mart Salumäe, a teacher of the Haapsalu Jaan congregation, remembered those who have fallen for Estonia both in the war of independence and in the Second World War. The plaque commemorating the people of Haapsala who died in the war of independence is located in the cathedral, and the Mother’s Altar in the baptismal chapel of the cathedral is a memorial to the mothers who died for Estonia during the years of occupation. „However, in our minds, we will join the memory of those who fell for Estonia with all those who have given their lives for the freedom of Europe on the fronts of Ukraine,†said Salumäe.

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The women’s home guards placed a wreath on the Mother’s Altar, and on the memorial pyre built there, it was taken to the castle square to the memorial to those who fell in the Battle of Freedom, where the celebration of the birthday in Estonia also continued at noon.

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