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Gas Trunk Network will be built for the Garzón, Picón and La Unión de Yopal villages – news

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Gas Trunk Network will be built for the Garzón, Picón and La Unión de Yopal villages – news

In two isolated cases and after several months of investigations, prosecutors from the Casanare Section achieved exemplary sentences for three men, who at the time were captured for the crime of aggravated homicide and qualified and aggravated robbery.

In the first case, and based on the evidentiary material collected, a judge sentenced José Alexander Rincón Páez, alias Cancer, and Julián Andrés Escobar Mendoza, alias Mija, to more than 17 years (206 months) in prison for being responsible for murdering his victim and committing the crime of aggravated homicide in conjunction with qualified and aggravated robbery.

The events occurred on January 22, 2023 around 6:00 in the afternoon, when those convicted today arrived on a motorcycle to a business located in the 7 de Agosto neighborhood of Yopal (Casanare). After ordering some drinks, they proceeded to steal from a man who was there a backpack in which he was carrying $2,500,000 and a cell phone.

In the middle of the struggle, they inflicted wounds on his chest with a sharp weapon, which ultimately caused his death.

After being captured last February 22, 2023, and given the abundance of evidence against them, they accepted their responsibility in the crime.

Exemplary conviction for alias Piolín

In the second case, Christian José Pidiache Durán, known by the alias Piolín, was sentenced to more than 23 years (280 months) in prison for the homicide of a man on April 11, 2023, in the sector known as ‘la ‘wooded area’ of Torres del Silencio in Yopal.

The investigations carried out showed that alias Piolín arrived at the scene around 4:00 in the afternoon and with a sharp weapon threatened the victim so that he would give him a firearm.

Later he took him to an area with thicker vegetation and there he tied him up, gave him several blows to the head with a blunt element and caused more than 50 wounds with a sharp weapon that led to his death. His capture took place on April 12, 2023, in the municipality of Yopal (Casanare).

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The body of evidence provided by the prosecuting entity led alias Piolín and his defense to make a preliminary agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office and accept their responsibility in the commission of the crime.

Source: Attorney General’s Office

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