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Gathering of the Alpini 2023, the honor committee set up

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Gathering of the Alpini 2023, the honor committee set up

Udine is preparing to embrace the Alpini again after 27 years and yesterday the junta approved the deed of incorporation of the “Committee of honor for the national gathering of the Alpini 2023”. The event, which could attract more than 500,000 people to the Friulian capital as already happened in 1996, will start on Thursday 11 May and end on Sunday 14 with the great parade through the streets of the centre.

The body will have the task of «defining, directing and approving the program of the meeting; maintain institutional relations and conclude agreements with public bodies to promote and encourage the implementation of the same, all according to the strictest criteria of transparency and correctness, including accounting; protect the image of the gathering and the moral values ​​to which it is associated, being the priority manifestation of the National Alpine Association, founded on solidarity, brotherhood, social commitment and respect for the institutions».

The committee will include the national president of ANA Sebastiano Favero, the president of the Udine section Dante Soravito de Franceschi, the president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Massimiliano Fedriga and the mayor of the Municipality of Udine, Pietro Fontanini.


The parade will start from piazzale Diacono and then continue on viale San Daniele. Having reached Piazzale Osoppo, the procession will proceed towards Piazza Primo Maggio where the grandstands will be set up, then turning towards Via Aquileia to reach the ancient gateway to the city where the dissolution will take place.

“The procession will be paraded in rows of nine and therefore we have always tried to guarantee a width of 8.5 meters – explains the deputy mayor Loris Michelini who illustrated the resolution for the approval of the committee in addition -. The fact of having to support the banners entails logistical difficulties, for which we will be forced to temporarily remove light poles, signs and perhaps even traffic lights, in particular at the entrance on via Della Vittoria, opposite via Manin and in the curve from piazza Patriarcato it leads to via Piave. There will also be a need to cover the flower beds with a special material to prevent them from being damaged».

Sold out hotels

On the days of the rally all the hotels are practically sold out not only in the city but also in the hinterland. Also because that of Udine will be the first appointment without restrictions related to the health emergency.

The Ana has involved all the groups in the province and in particular those that have sports areas in their area of ​​competence equipped with toilets in order to accommodate the black feathers that will arrive from all over Italy.

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