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Gaza ceasefire: USA sees Hamas’ turn

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Gaza ceasefire: USA sees Hamas’ turn

After the deaths of more than 100 Palestinians on an aid convoy, the EU is also calling for an independent investigation. The USA has begun dropping aid supplies from the air.02.03.2024 | 1:22 minutes

According to the US government, the possible agreement on the release of hostages and a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza war depends solely on the Islamist Hamas. The framework for such a deal is in place and the Israelis have “more or less accepted” it, said high-ranking US government officials in Washington on Saturday.

The Israelis have agreed in principle to the elements of the agreement. Now the ball is in Hamas’s court.

US government representative

US Representative: Major Progress in Ceasefire Talks

The US representatives emphasized that the talks were still ongoing. Significant progress has been made in the past few weeks. But there is still no agreement. The aim is still to achieve this if possible by the beginning of Ramadan. The festival period, which is particularly sacred to Muslims, begins around March 10th.

According to unconfirmed reports, there is a prospect of a ceasefire in Gaza – if Hamas agrees to release the hostages. Assessments by ZDF correspondent Elmar Theveßen.02.03.2024 | 1:13 minutes

The international mediators in the Gaza war are working intensively behind the scenes to secure a temporary ceasefire and the release of hostages. ZDF correspondent Elmar Theveßen says about the negotiations:

This is a six-week ceasefire, which could potentially turn into a longer ceasefire.

ZDF correspondent Elmar Theveßen

“The prerequisite for this is that Hamas agrees, and above all, passes on a list of all the still living hostages to Israel and then releases these hostages.” According to Theveßen, the further general conditions have also been discussed. The question is how many Palestinians will be released from prisons in Israel.

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Just a few kilometers from the Gaza Strip, Israelis are returning to their communities. The ongoing war with the terrorist group Hamas has left its mark there.02.03.2024 | 2:39 minutes

Negotiations will continue in Cairo on Sunday

“There will be another round of negotiations in Cairo this Sunday, but without Israel’s participation because it is now Hamas’ turn.” On Monday, US Vice President Kamala Harris will meet in Washington with Israeli Minister Benny Gantz, a member of the war cabinet, to discuss further action. Cautiously optimistic signals have recently come from the USA and Qatar, which together with Egypt facilitate indirect negotiations between Israel and Hamas.

Israel has been heavily criticized for the disaster that occurred when an aid convoy arrived in the Gaza Strip. March 1, 2024 | 1:56 minutes

Hamas sources said a delegation would fly to Cairo this weekend for further talks on a ceasefire. The aim is to present Hamas’s “official response” to a proposal negotiated in Paris in February.

So far only a one-week ceasefire in November

The war in the Gaza Strip has been going on for almost five months. So far there has only been a one-week ceasefire at the end of November. At that time, Hamas released more than a hundred hostages in exchange for Palestinians in Israeli prisons.

The Gaza war was triggered by a massacre carried out by fighters from Hamas and other extremist groups in southern Israel on October 7th. On the Israeli side, more than 1,200 people were killed and another 250 were kidnapped. Israel responded with massive air strikes and a ground offensive.

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Israel’s Prime Minister

:Netanyahu’s plan for “the day after Hamas”

Israel’s head of government outlines what the future of Gaza should look like after the end of the war. This is primarily about Israeli interests. Important questions remain unanswered.

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