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Gaza under bombardment…the death toll rises to 15,207 martyrs and appeals to intensify aid

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Gaza under bombardment…the death toll rises to 15,207 martyrs and appeals to intensify aid

The government media office in Gaza condemned the occupation army’s continuation of the genocidal war against the Palestinian people for 57 days of deliberate killing of civilians with the support of the United States of America with aircraft, weapons, missiles and bombs.

The government office added that since the occupation refused to renew the humanitarian truce, it has killed nearly 200 martyrs, bringing the number of martyrs as of Saturday afternoon to 15,207 martyrs, noting that the biggest and most dangerous problems are stopping the entry of humanitarian and medical aid and food supplies and preventing the entry of fuel, considering it a destructive and deadly policy. And intentional.

He revealed that about 70% of the martyrs were children and women, including 280 health personnel and 26 civil defense personnel.

The statement indicated that the number of missing people has risen to more than 7,500, either under the rubble or their fate is still unknown, while the number of injured has reached 40,650 Palestinians.

In light of the intended starvation policy, the government office requested the entry of a thousand trucks of aid and actual real supplies on a daily basis, as well as allowing the passage of one million liters of fuel on a daily basis.

He pointed out that the health sector is in immediate and urgent need to introduce medically equipped field hospitals to save tens of thousands of wounded and sick, as well as transfer thousands of seriously injured people to hospitals in Arab and Islamic countries to receive treatment, in addition to working hard to restore and rehabilitate dozens of hospitals and medical centers. And return it to service.

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He explained that the humanitarian situation has reached a catastrophic stage, as the occupation army is bombing dozens of homes simultaneously and leaving hundreds of martyrs, while the equipment and machinery of the relief, emergency and civil defense teams are unable to reach the areas of disasters and massacres, which makes all those targeted martyrs.

He also stressed the necessity of introducing hundreds of equipment and mechanisms for relief, emergency, and civil defense crews so that they can recover hundreds of bodies of martyrs that are still under the rubble, as well as removing the rubble resulting from the occupation’s bombing and demolition of hundreds of thousands of homes, schools, hospitals, streets, and important facilities.

He also renewed the call for the International Relief Agency (UNRWA) to return to work in the Gaza and North Gaza governorates, and also called on other international organizations such as the Red Cross, UNICEF, the World Health Organization and other international organizations to play their required role in protecting hospitals and vital facilities.

watched| Live broadcast of Al-Ghad TV

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