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GDP, Franco: we will close 2021 with growth of 6.2% -6.3%

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30 billion for house bonuses, very large figures

As for building bonuses, the extensions “cost 30 billion over the next few years, of which 14 for the Superbonus, 13.2 billion for condominiums alone, these are very large figures. In 2021, the cash cost of real estate bonuses is estimated at 11.5 billion, we discuss the 8 billion on the tax authorities which are many, but we take into account that taxpayers download over 11 billion of jobs done in recent years; then there are this year’s works which cost 25.5 billion over future years, we add another 30 billion: these are very important interventions to support the construction sector, but we have tried to mitigate the amount for the richer incentives in perspective “. Franco adds that 110% “eliminates the price constraint and limits the incentive to seek more efficient solutions, they are very costly interventions, according to ENEA data, compared to 9.6 billion of works, the costs amount to 10.5 billion , and we are 0.5% of the Italian real estate assets, they are very large interventions, over 100 thousand euros for each independent house, and we are making 0.5% of the assets, the villas which are 7% of the total absorb 19% of deductions, social housing 5% ».

Measures for young people but we should do much more

In Franco’s opinion, «the condition of young people is one of the weak points of our country, they have difficulty in finding work, many have precarious jobs, many go to work abroad. The single grant, the interventions in research and in medical doctorates, the concessions for the purchase and rental of the house go in the direction of supporting them, we must think about it enough, we should do much more and this must be a priority ” .

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Even without cashback Pos payments on the rise

Cashback «has helped to encourage the spread of electronic payments and digitization processes. What we see in the first half of 2021 is an increase in payments via Pos of 28% in value, however we have seen that in the following months, when the cashback was no longer operational, the percentages remained roughly unchanged, so we decided not to extend the cashback, bearing in mind that the use of electronic payments has lately been facilitated in other forms.

Willingness to evaluate other aids on folders

“The tax decree has already taken action by extending payment times from 60 to 150 days, the situation must be monitored, I agree that it is an open problem, maximum openness to evaluate any other solution that may limit difficult situations for companies, having to mind that we have very different companies in very different conditions, deposits have increased by 100 billion, which means that many companies have a lot of liquidity, the sectors are in different situations, but maximum availability, we have made progress but we still have to work on it ” . Thus the Minister of the Economy responding to a question from the parliamentarians on a possible extension of the scrapping and other measures of extension of the folders.

Open on capital strengthening fund

“The Fund for the strengthening of companies’ capital, in the past I do not think it has had a very large use but it can be evaluated, if there is a proposal to restart it, I think everything that strengthens companies is a good thing, we have done the Ace strengthened that aimed precisely to support the heritage, so we are open to any suggestions on this ».

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