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Gender-based violence The listening desk is a fundamental pillar

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Cuorgnè, Mayor Cresto and councilor Troglia on a visit Collaboration with the Ivrea Women’s House relaunched


The scourge of gender-based violence, as the news reports almost daily, is a constantly increasing phenomenon that does not even spare our territory. An important garrison is the desk dedicated to listening to women victims of violence located in Piazza Morgando in Cuorgnè managed by the Women Against Discrimination Association of Ivrea where, on Wednesday morning, some representatives of the municipal administration went, with the mayor Giovanna Cresto and the councilor for social policies, Elisa Troglia, who reaffirmed the extensive collaboration on the part of the municipality in support of the service.

flexible hours as needed

«The Cuorgnè counter, representing the branch office of the Ivrea Women’s House, offers itself as a great reference point for all those who live in those areas, a little more decentralized from Ivrea – explain the volunteers -. It is open every Wednesday morning, approximately from 9 to 11, but with ample opportunity to be flexible as needed. At the headquarters, there will always be two volunteers ready to welcome and listen to those who want and need a safe space of non-judgment. Fundamental pillar of the work of the volunteers is giving importance to each narration; it is important that anyone here can feel free to tell and not tell his story, feeling comfortable and protagonist, not victim and different. Communication will be intimate and informal, in order not to put further pressure on her. This proves to be very important especially for all those women who have had to face or are going through a judicial process in parallel, in which labels and judgment can make them feel wrong, helpless and alone “.

the message: “Have courage”

The advice of the volunteers is to take all the courage you can find and talk to someone you trust, who can even listen. «The ideal would be to be able to go to any listening center, like ours, to exchange ideas, emotions and fears and try to expand the possibilities to choose, which at times, in difficult moments, may seem impossible – they add -. This is the hardest step to take but the most important: come out into the light and ask for help. Shame, feelings of guilt, fears of not making it are feelings common to all those who live situations of violence, not necessarily physical and explicit “. –

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